*Sorry guys... I messed up something in the piece... this is what happens when you compose all day, stop for a break, and then listen again later...*

I share the piece soon as I fix it, render it, and then re-upload, such a long process...

This is a composition I am in the progress of creating for my new album, Love and War - Salvation. I have gotten quite some progress done since the last time I posted about it. For this composition I am creating two versions: the standard high quality version and old mono classical version.

Requiem for a Soldier deeply expresses on the tragic loss of a soldier who has fallen in combat.

What do you guys think about the two different versions and how do they compare to one another? In my opinion my ears are really liking the sound of the old classical. I feel it has the WWII drama like effect. It feel warmer.

Libraries Used:
- Appassionata Strings SE (Full String Ensemble)
- EWQLSO Silver (Trumpet)
- Voice of Rapture (Soloist)
- Olympus Choir Elements (Choir)