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Topic: Westgate -- freaking...awesome...

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    Westgate -- freaking...awesome...

    Just received Westgate Woodwinds. Totally awesome... man! People, if you don\'t have a good set of winds, GET IT.

    Here\'s something I threw together in a few mins or so, just screwing around with Westgate. It\'s not even a demo...I\'d just call it \"screwing around\" because compositionally it\'s a wreck [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] But the winds sound so damn nice. Niiiice.


    Nice job, Tim. Great quality stuff.

    I\'ll get around to a real demo some time later..

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    Re: Westgate -- freaking...awesome...

    Very nice Sam. What was your processing of the out of the box sounds - any eq or reverb?

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    Re: Westgate -- freaking...awesome...

    Yeah, it is indeed a very usable library. Thumbs up for Tim. Thanks, Sam!

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    Re: Westgate -- freaking...awesome...

    That\'s a very nice sounding flute. Sam, if you get a moment, could you showcase the oboe?. I\'d really like to hear how it compares to the others in my collection. I\'ve never really been happy with any of them and would love to add something special.


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    Re: Westgate -- freaking...awesome...

    Joanne: No EQ, but reverb, yes. Just a simple DSP setup in Giga that lets me \"position\" instruments left/center/right and front/middle/rear of stage.

    T Parks: When I get around to doing a short demo, I\'ll definitely showcase the oboe. It\'s probably my favorite woodwind.

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    Re: Westgate -- freaking...awesome...

    Thanks Sam

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