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Topic: Star Wars ala Dan Dean

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    Star Wars ala Dan Dean

    Ok, so I got my pre-release version of the Dan Dean Brass Ensembles yesterday and I wanted to whip up something to show them off. I really don\'t know the best way to use the library yet (I barely read the manual) I just grabbed some patches that sounded good and used them. I layered together the Brass Ensembles with Dan\'s Solo Brass Library and threw together the first part of the Star Wars theme.

    Note that this is JUST THE BRASS from the theme--no strings, woodwinds, or percussion. And like I said, it was done quickly, so it certainly isn\'t perfect. But I do like the sound I\'m hearing.

    Also, please give a minor assist to QLB, as I still layer in the Tuba God patch along with Dan\'s Tuba to give the low end a little more oomph).

    Take a listen and see what you think:


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    Re: Star Wars ala Dan Dean

    Hi Jamieh,

    My first reaction is: too much \"pad\" effect, especially the first chord reminds me of a cheap synthy-keyboard. I\'m also afraid that you played chords with the ensembles, adding to this pad-effect...

    Please give this piece and this library some better stereo panning, the groups are now too much in the middle of the stereo field.

    No offense to your job, though! The more demos, the better. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Star Wars ala Dan Dean


    There is too much weird phasing, and samples sound very very flat in performance?
    Is there any kind of slight vibrato and and other slight imperfections in long note samples?
    Is the phasing caused by the fact that you layered DDSB and DDBE together?
    I really like colour and the body of the horns and bones...


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    Re: Star Wars ala Dan Dean

    After playing with the actual sounds for a bit I have to say that those demos are not doing them any justice.

    I really hope that it\'s the demos and not the library itself since when I first played it it sold me right away, now I\'m starting to have second thoughts.....hmm.

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    Re: Star Wars ala Dan Dean

    I am not sure what happened here. Sounds like everything below 200 hz was EQ\'ed away. This is not how the samples sound.

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    Re: Star Wars ala Dan Dean

    It doesn\'t work..

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    Re: Star Wars ala Dan Dean

    Yeah, as noted above, I pulled the demo basically because people thought it sucked and I don\'t want anyone to think it is the libraries fault. I just threw it together quickly, and at 3AM it sounded pretty good to my ears, but it obviously needed more work.

    I\'ll do some better demos tonight and post them.

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    Re: Star Wars ala Dan Dean

    Yeah, the first chord is a bit wrong. I did this by grabbing an old MIDI file that had all the right notes in it already, so that is most likely the problem. The EQ problem could be the reverb I used.

    I\'m gonna pull off the demo because I don\'t want to give Dan\'s stuff a bad name. It really is some great stuff. I guess I need to work with it more.

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