First, i wanna say hello to everyone here and also thank you for all the useful informations and tips you\'ve all been sharing here. Since i belong(ed) to the silent majority of lurkers, i had no opportunities to say it before.

Well, it has been discussed here many times about the convolution reverbs, but yet not about dynamic convolution.
I recently discovered this technology developped by a portuguese company called \"Sintefex\". am really interested about it.

Their products are not really affordable for the average user but they recently started a partnership with focusrite for the \"liquid channel\" wich price seems reasonable considering what it\'s supposed to do.

I understand this is a different technology from the one used in convolution processors such as waves IR1, SIR or even Gigapulse for it uses several impulses at the same time to recreate the characteristics of the hardware.

So my question is the following: did someone have the opportunity to try out the liquid channel or any other dynamic convolution processors, and how does it compare to the original harware? can you please share your opinions here.

ps: I am not really sure whether this topic belongs here or not. mods please move it to the proper section if not the case. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]