Hi all,

I don't know if I am posting on a right place. I apologize if I am off topic here.

I have studied Orchestration on Music Academy but after graduating (7 years now) I have never used the knowledge I gained there, that is to say, I have never written for orchestra since I am mostly doing pop music with all the digital equipment (software) we have on our disposal today.

However, there is a musical festival for pop songs in my country and I am about to write an arrangement for 3 songs and I am a bit scared The arrangements of the songs are already made in DAW (Cubase), what I need to do is to write those arrangements for the following orchestra:

5 sax's
4 trumpets
4 trombones
8 first violins
8 second violins
4 violas
2 cellos
1 electric guitar
1 acoustic guitar.

Now, I am looking for some music sheet online, for example from Sanremo festival, or some arrangement of a pop song already known (some legendary hit). Can you recommend me something, somewhere?

Also, can you give me some peace of advice?
I have several books on my disposal, the one I have studied the most while I was on the Musical Academy was The Study of Orchestration by Samuel Adler. But I think that the thing I need at this moment is some role model, to just have a mock-up of what I need to do in an overall sense.

Thank you in advance

P.S. In one of the songs there is horn playing in the digital arrangement, and I don't have horn in my prchestra. I suppose I should improvise something with trombones?!