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Topic: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

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    Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

    Mr. Kral, who did this song? I loved it!

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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

    Great episode, [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] . But gotta ask if it was just me, or was there LOTS of really freaky imagery and concepts going on in this one. Those kids\' smiles, and the bentness, the whole back/spine torture thing, and that\'s not even taking into consideration the whole puppet concept.

    And the music is always good. The Self-Esteem song was off the wall!


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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

    just saw it

    Wee li\'uhl puppet man

    I was laughing my *** off.

    next weeks looks good

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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

    I don\'t have a TV, but I could barge in on someone who does. What is this?

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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!


    an episode of Angel. Angel gets turned into a puppet. Its pretty funny. Its what would happen to the Whedon verse if it was done by the guys that do Crank Yankers.

    Its better if you follow the show tho, otherwise you dont get teh subtlties. Like how freaking hilarious it is to watch Spike see Angel as a puppet for the first time, and immediately they get into a brawl....

    yah thats right, Spike brawls with a PUPPET! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    BTW this really should be moved to OT

    but to make it have SOMETHING to do with samples, I\'ll say this.

    I got an Email from rob thanking me and telling me that he used the KI strings in next weeks episode, and that they really helped out in some scenes.

    I\'manxious to be hearing them, but more anxious to see what happens next week. It looks very sad.

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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

    Getting kinda back on topic -

    I honestly love the music as much as I do the show, and thats a whole bunch. Gives my mid-week that needed push. I\'d pay good money to watch/be there as Mr. Kral scores an ep.

    That would truly be one of the coolest things to ever happen to me.

    King, I\'m looking forward to hearing your strings AND seeing what happens next week.

    *Scratches chin*
    ..eh, still has that OT vibe. Oh well, I tried.

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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

    Originally posted by KingIdiot:
    I got an Email from rob thanking me and telling me that he used the KI strings in next weeks episode, and that they really helped out in some scenes.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">That\'s gotta be such a cool feeling [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'m a Joss fan in general, and a couple years back when I was strangley finding myself with a little spare time, I started mocking up a tribute to the shows with some themes, set up as an overture of sorts, begining with the Nerf Herder theme and moving through a few Beck/Kral themes and ending with a bang. I honestly think I was doing it out of sheer love of what Joss has created, and the excellent music that populates it. Might pull that up again, see how rough it is under the dust...

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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

    it definitely is a cool feeling, especially since I designed those strings specifically with Rob and others in mind. I mean I wen after a sound *I* liked with them, but totally wanted them to be \"simple\" sets that dont take much room so people could pop them in their templates and use them quickly for lush sweeping strings. The fact that Rob digs them specifically, totally makes me smile.

    I only got into the buffy-verse during the last season of Buffy (needed soething to watch before 24), and I was totally hooked. I was especially happy when FX was running all the old eps two times a day (atually four time, but two episodes repeat) I\'ve still got about half a season of angel season 3 to watch to be completely caught up.

    The Buffy/Angel love theme Chris Beck wrote is really a great theme, it works really well in the show. I can still hum it from memory without having heard it for quite some time. then theres all the Symphonic adventures stuff [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] Chris.. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] I tell you [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Its sad thta the WB has decided to drop angel after this season. I dont think they\'ll have enough time to wrap up the major plot points...I mean we know Lindsay\'s gotta come back, and then there\'s the slayer thing... 9 or so episodes left?... its gonna be a rush job just like the end of buffy was. Maybe UPN will pick it up? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    and here\'s to hoping for some movies.. Made for TV big screen, I dont care.

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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!


    I had no idea this thread was even here!!

    Thanks for all the kind words about the music: that really gets me energized: its a LOT of music and it can get pretty grueling!

    Re: King\'s HOLLYWOOD STRINGS. Next week\'s show is very emotional. I have used the Hollywood Strings when I needed the extra emotional content. They are layered with other patches, but what I do is play Hollywood Strings alongside and bring up the volume fader for them when I need the extra emotional touch to come out. THere also several lines with Hollywood strings o their own.

    As with any library they have a distinctive sound, and its an extra choice on your pallette.
    KINGS intentions for the patches has really worked: they are extremely simple to use (I mostly use the \"full strings\" patch. These strings are both intimate and \"full orchestral\" sounding. They really have emotion but don\'t go overboard. You can really hear what sounds like individual players and that\'s what I love about them.

    Towards the end of next weeks episode you\'ll hear more and more of King\'s/Garritans strings.

    ProffeserOak: Ben Edlund wrote the puppet show songs. He also wrote the episode!! based on Joss Whedon\'s ideas. Ben was also responsible for writing the outrageous party episode earlier in the season.

    ProfessorOak: where do you live?

    MichaelAngelo450...WOW you\'re kidding that\'s amazing!! That\'s one awesome compliment when you think of someone playing themes and figuring that stuff out. I don\'t know if you\'re familiar with Darla\'s theme but I never wrote it out. I\'d always get halfway through and couldn\'t remember one tricky chord change in it and have to go look it up in old files. Perhaps I should have just called you instead!!

    KING: (re your last post)...as Joss said, who would have guessed, we all thought that good ratings would be enough to renew the show. THe show literally did everything it was supposed to, and WB\'s statement was a shock: the ratings were fine but it\'s cancelled! They want more air time to REPEAT dramas and allow for more reality shows.

    I ask you: is that a step in the right direction?!

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    Re: Self-Esteem is for Everybody!

    yah I cant understand it. The budget was supposed to be lower this year too.

    Its just that season 5 thing. Time to dump a show before the budget goes up. I cant believe they\'re dropping a show that has the ratings and veiwer base and THEN doing yet ANOTHER remake of Dark Shadows....

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