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Topic: NS Censorship

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    NS Censorship

    I am being censored. My posts are being deleted. If you read this before it disappears, please continue the discussion.

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    Re: NS Censorship

    Discuss Discuss Discuss

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    Re: NS Censorship

    What\'s going on here???


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    Re: NS Censorship

    What\'s happening is that Papa Chalk didn\'t like my response to his rude post. So he deleted it.

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    Re: NS Censorship

    Bleh, I\'m not even gonna try anymore. This whole situation is ridiculous.

    Waiting for a true Giga fan site...

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    Re: NS Censorship

    Nick stop lying what posts were deleted? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] I have no knowledge of this. Do a refresh. Your attempts to cause dissention on this board are getting ridiculous. If you can tell me where the posts were made I can check into it. Maybe it\'s a server problem. Your making it seem like you hope we ban you. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: NS Censorship

    I don\'t have any insights here, so please feel free to skip this post.

    I just wanted to say that back when I was deciding to buy GigaSampler, this forum was a big factor in the decision. I\'d read lots of stuff on other forums about how crashy GS was and how it was hard to figure out how to do things, but the cooperative spirit on this forum made me unafraid of these issues. And, in fact, this forum has been invaluable to me in the past couple of years, not only for the help I\'ve received on the few technical problems I\'ve had, but also for the library announcements and discussions, and the general sampling/mixing know-how (from Bruce and others) that we\'re all privileged to read.

    I don\'t know what prompted this change in enforcement policy. My hope is that everyone involved in the controversy can hold on to that spirit of cooperation that used to be here, and that I found so encouraging when I was starting out in the Giga world.

    Pax et veritas, as a wise man once said. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: NS Censorship

    Papa Chalk,
    The post was made last night in the \"policy of talking about libraries on NS\" thread. It was a response to your post and was posted and appeared. This morning , it was gone. I apologise, if I accused you unfairly. It is the second post of mine to ever disappear. Who else has the power to delete posts over there? I will post it ( or something similar) again.

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    Re: NS Censorship

    O.K. The main point of my post that disappeared was:

    Papa Chalk,
    I think that the idea that I am posting things purely for financial gain and to promote my own libraries is TRULY insulting. If that is the way that people feel on this forum, I need to know about it. I offer my opinions on many libraries, both good and bad. I do this as another member of this forum who is a composer. I think I might be the only developer that openly critiques their own libraries. I have done this on numerous occasions. I would rather go out of business than to con someone into buying an inferior library of mine.
    You know, dissent is a GOOD thing. It is part of a healthy democracy and part of a healthy forum. To aggressively try to shut down discussions about your forum rules is a bad thing. Why can\'t we calmly discuss this? My point of view is that this great forum suddenly changed last week. It was introduced to me as the official gigasampler website. It has always been a completely open and free place to discuss libraries. I admit I had never read the rules. But everyone was happy until last week (except Garritan). I never considered advertising on the site because I really never gave it much thought. EAST WEST deals with the business end of things. I have given everything I could to the site and it is even mentioned in the booklets of my new libraries. What you said about developers just using the site to make money was, in my case, completely rude and wrong. I would like an apology. I would like to continue this discussion calmly until it is resolved. Hey, I know I am not perfect. How about you?

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    Re: NS Censorship


    This seems to be an expanded version of your post that begins with the following remark: \"Ah Papa Chalk. Silly you. Am I included in this insulting accusation.\" I found this on the first page of the topic to which you referred. Regardless, may I suggest that you take this offline? I don\'t believe the moderators owe you an apology (public or private), and, frankly, your implication of Gary speaks very poorly of you, despite your talent as a composer and programmer. Let it go, for everyone\'s sake.


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