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Topic: Key Click..... good or bad?

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    Key Click..... good or bad?

    A little bit of key click sound on woodwinds can help to fool someone into thinking it\'s real. Anyone want to agree or disagree? Would it be desireable to have one perfectly clean version, and one with a tiny bit of natural key noise? Or just the clean version or natural version alone?

    Any opinions here would be appreciated.

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    Re: Key Click..... good or bad?

    I agree about key noise being strange in a hall ambiance, but naturally in a recording they aren\'t picked up as much.

    I\'ve never liked individual click/clack sounds, becuase in order to make them sound natural, you have to experiment with a real flute/oboe/whatever to see when it happens, IE note X, when approached from note Y, does make a particular noise, whereas approached from any other note it makes a different noise, or none at all. Now, say that these were completely pre-programmed and required no effort or thought about them. So you get that sound only on notes where it would naturally occur on the instrument. (And I\'m talking about an instrument in excellent condition, not an old junker with loose screws and damping cork missing.) Would it then be a desirable thing, along side a clean version?

    I call your attention to the real recording and mock up on this thread:


    This is a rather extreme example of natural clicks in the opening part, particularly a few notes on the bassoon, but perhaps it better illustrates my initial question.

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    Re: Key Click..... good or bad?

    Isolate the clicks and put them on a layer which can be faded in with the mod wheel, or have a separate set of \'clicked\' samples and allow the user to switch from non click to click with keyswitching.

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    Re: Key Click..... good or bad?

    Depends on the style. If it calls for a closely mic\'d solo, then perhaps.

    HOWEVER... having a key click sampled into the note would be a very bad idea, because one would hear that same click on the same note every single time. So maybe some key clicks sampled by themselves (again, only for a close mic... you don\'t really want a large hall for a key click [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ), but I personally wouldn\'t use them.

    For me, the \"reality\" aspect comes from expression, not noise. The only time I found it suitable was when Thomas_J, I believe, had a choir taking a breath every so often. That worked really well, since it was just a choir and no instruments backing them up.

    Added noise would work for other instruments, of course, like guitar... but key clicks on woodwinds? Nah.

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