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Topic: I'm SUPER excited!

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    I\'m SUPER excited!

    [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] After countless months trying to figure out what samples I was going to invest in with about $3000 I finally took the final step and clicked buy.

    Am I the only one that goes to these websites that sell samples and fill up my virtual shopping cart only to chicken out at the finalize payment screen?

    Well, after flip-flopping around between EWQLSO Gold, Platinum, Opus 1, etc...etc...I sat down and listened to every demo, again, for the thousand time...then....I popped in my ET soundtrack and BAM...I instantly knew I had to go with VSL... and not something small like Opus 1...

    I bought the first addition orchestral cube with the upgrade to the pro strings and pro brass...that came to $2699.00 through MTLC.net...I got a $10 coupon for next time when I buy the percussion pro upgrade...I think that is $285.00...Now, sure I don\'t have those awesome legato tools but I have a huge chunk of what\'s arguably the best orchestral library out. I figure I\'ll save my $ for first edition Performance Set and then upgrade that.

    Whew...what a weight off my chest...I can\'t wait...what a change this will be from Edirol Orchestral VST! What do you guys do to keep yourselves from going insane waiting for the delivery?

    Well, wish me luck on my new adventure into Giga and VSL!


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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    I hope you have at least 3 strong computers to run VSL to the point you can be happy. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    Hey Edward

    Congratulations on that! You\'re going to love your new instruments. I think that when you eventually get the Performance set, you\'ll be TOTALLY blown away because it\'s THE killer app.

    However, Jared is probably right about the number of PCs you\'ll need, although I don\'t quite know why he needs to roll his eyes about. I have Opus 1 and a single, pretty powerful PC, but I still have to organise my material carefully and do a fair bit of bouncing. If you have only one PC, I dare say you could do likewise. No sweat... well, not too much.

    Anyway, roll up your sleeves and prepare to have a wonderful time.


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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    Congratulations! I only just got Opus 1 in the mail a few days ago. Overall I really like it! But man does my 1gb of ram fill QUICKLY. I may have to buy another gig of ram.

    Anyway I\'m sure you\'ll enjoy your new samples. At first it will be a bit daunting becasue you now have a heaps of samples to choose from! But you will love it.

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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    Great news!

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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    Please note that I didn\'t mean to sound biased in my comment. I\'d also say at least 3 computers for EWQLSO Platinum, as Nick Pheonix has recommended. It really does increase work efficiency. Having 2 nice comps for Gold really helps. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    Yeah - cause if you\'re gonna get that third one - according N.I. - you\'ll need to buy Gold *AGAIN* and shell out the $$ for the 3rd license.


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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    We found out that the manual provided in the Symphonic Gold Edition is not correct regarding the installation on eight computers. This is an information which fits to the Platinum Edition which contains four volumes, while the Gold Edition actually is only one volume with one serial number, so that you can install this library only on two computers (we allow two installatuion pers serial number).

    The solution would be either to purchase the Platinum version, or purchasing the Gold Edition four times. I am sorry to say that you again have to contact East West in this matter.

    Best regards,

    Marius Wilhelmi
    Customer Support
    Native Instruments

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Now isn\'t that special? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    What the?! Ok since the registration codes are based off the specific hardware status of a computer, what will happen if I reformat my computer, and stick another stick of 512MB in there? Or what if I upgrade the processor?! Will my 2nd computer code and license key not work then (same goes for other computer)? If so, that is crap. Anyone knowing about this, please explain.


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    Re: I\'m SUPER excited!

    well NI allows 2 auths only but you are \"allowed\" to deactivate one of your old codes in order to make room for a new hardware config. After deactivating a particular config you are not allowed to reactivate it.

    So, for instance, if you wanted to move one auth from a desktop to a laptop, you can do that. But you can\'t move it back again.

    {NI\'s auth system has crashed my system twice now, taking my startup drive with it. It reported a hardware change when there was only a reinstall of the OS. Because of that, I needed and got a new number. Unfortunately when I went to enter the number I noticed that my system ID had changed once again. The other NI app I needed to re-number had decided that my serial number had changed}

    It\'s going to be a bumpy ride.

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