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Topic: Stupid or not stupid, that is the question.

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    Stupid or not stupid, that is the question.

    Hi to everyone in this Forum:

    I can agree with the kind Soul called Isabella Rowlins. Sometimes opinions seems to generate some stupid flow.
    Something can be done for eliminating that negative effect for the larger part of this forum:

    1 - \"Do not acknowledge receipt of nothing stupid\" (in the public forum, you can send a private message to a stupid opinion´s person but it´s up to you)

    2 - \"Do acknowledge receipt of whatever positive or smart opinion\" (if wanted, if necesary, etc...)

    I am a \"day after day\" reader of this forum. I see it like a very impressive and interesting source of knowledge basis with lot of enthusiastic people. I am sure that the tendency is more positive than negative and that this forum is constructing some part of the the Music Thing because of his Creativity.
    Sometimes I see fighting people. When this happens from a stupid basis it is more stupid than nothing, and it is sad. When it happens (it can) from a constructive basis it flow always into a final constructive agreement.
    The food of stupidity is \"paying atention to stupidity\". When stupidity is not acknoledged it tend to go away to another part for food... Indeed this Forum is alive because most of people are applying the #2 and the #1.

    So I wish the best for this forum and sure that 2004 deserve great adventures to all of us, Artist, Developpers, Students, etc...

    Just my opinion for helping good people to stay with us.
    Have a good day!

    (excuse please my english...)

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    Re: Stupid or not stupid, that is the question.

    I know you are, you said you are, but what am I???


    Sorry, couldn\'t resist.

    Ben H

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    Re: Stupid or not stupid, that is the question.

    I\'m in total agreement Richard.

    The best way to deal with these personal attacks is to:

    1. have the moderators delete them quickly, and deal with those who made them.

    or, if the moderators are asleep at the wheel...

    2. Simply DON\'T RESPOND!!! This gives the adolescent weasels less to chew on. Also, I\'ve found that there\'s less chance of shooting yourself in the foot if you keep your gun holstered [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Most adults who read these forums can detect bullsh_t and see it for what it is - something which makes the propagator a smaller person, and the victim something of a martyr.

    I can\'t wait for this crap to pass so that I don\'t have to sift through personal attacks and childish banter just so that I can get my daily dose of library news.

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