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Topic: Elementary Question

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    Elementary Question

    There should be a simple answer to this, but I have a blind spot.....

    I\'m ready to buy one of the low priced orchestras.
    I know they are both vsti / standalone. I\'m just not sure what that means to me. I am a GS160 user with a few moderately priced gig libraries I would like to use in conjunction with the new orchestra instruments. How do you best do that?

    I presently use a sequencer displaying live tracks and GS tracks, which I then render and mix with the others.

    Are the engines (Kompact, Kontact) capable of playing gigs? Or, if I open the orchestra as a VST under Sonar, will I still be able to interact with GS160? Processing power is not a consideration, I generally only use a couple of instruments at a time.

    Oh, and please, no sales pitches on the competing orchestras! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Your help would be appreciated!

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    Re: Elementary Question

    You should have success. I am currently running GigaStudio with Logic with GPO as VST plug-in with out any problem, all on the one computer although at this moment, my use is somewhat sparse as well, as I am using some keyboards and rackmount instruments. A current arrangement I have going uses Giga Studio (96)with a piano, GPO with violins 1, violins 2, violas, cellos, basses, oboe, clarinet, flute, tam tam. No problems with this so far.


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    Re: Elementary Question

    Many thanks, Rob. I hoped that would be the case.


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    Re: Elementary Question


    Rob\'s right. If you\'re already using GS and a sequencer on the same PC, run the VSTi version of your orchestra from within the sequencer. There\'ll be no interactivity between the plugin and GS. The plugin has its own playback and quick edit engine.

    I think if you were to attempt to run the standalone version at the same time as Giga you might get unwanted competition for outputs.

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    Re: Elementary Question

    Sounds right- I guess the standalone is useful as kind of a sound module thing.


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    Re: Elementary Question

    Just don\'t use DFD in the one lower priced orchestra as it will fight with Giga.

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