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Topic: Does anyone know... (string lib question)

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    Does anyone know... (string lib question)

    My niece visited this week, and along with her came SpongeBob SquarePants reruns and Britney Spears. She is eleven years old.

    Knowing I like \"things with strings\" she played one of Ms. Spears\' songs called \"Toxic\" which had a really funky string track on it.

    Do you guys know which sample lib was used on this track? I doubt it was live, but it sounded REALLY well sequenced, I was just curious as to the pro behind the sequencing and the sample lib used...?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Does anyone know... (string lib question)

    Maybe it\'s a sample from one of the zillion records made in India. Might be difficult to trace.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Does anyone know... (string lib question)

    India [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Does anyone know... (string lib question)

    I guess India is a continent somewhere east

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    Re: Does anyone know... (string lib question)

    those strings are actually played by session musicians from stockholm, arranged and conducted by janson and janson.

    sometimes, i really like listening to pop music (amongst, of course, a lot of other stuff). it\'s good to hear what type of production an unlimited budget will get you, and to pick up any new *tricks* people are using. if you use them cleverly, they don\'t sound so *gimmicky.* plus, i\'m not always in the mood for all that *pure emotion crap*. heheheheheh

    music is music.

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    Re: Does anyone know... (string lib question)

    I can hear the conversation of the producers:

    \"Should we put strings here?\"
    \"Sure, why not?\"
    \"Let me tell my assistant to book some players at this really cool studio in stockholm....it\'s only $800/hour* \"
    \"Ok, what if we don\'t like them...why don\'t we ask one of the talented composers at Northern Forum to mock it up before we spend all that money\"
    \"Nahhhhhhh....who cares? jive Records will pay for it!\"
    \"Yeah, you\'re right, the budget for this record is not even half of the one for the video\"

    *Studio fee does not include musicians, engineer, assistant engineer, mic rental, catering and of course, clean up.

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    Re: Does anyone know... (string lib question)

    Thanks for the info Dezai. Those strings have so much character.

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