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Topic: A.M. Grétry: 2. Gavotte Gracieuse

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    A.M. Grétry: 2. Gavotte Gracieuse

    Here is, as promised, the second dance of the Grétry Ballet Suite "La Rosière Républicaine" (1794). This Gavotte has seldom been recorded, mainly because of the defective arrangement. Grétry didn't write everything in detail and left many ways open for interpretation and orchestral formation. It is quite well possible to perform this gavotte with 1 violin, 1 viola and 1 bassoon. The second violin is optional. He probably aimed at private dance evenings and dance masters with limited financial means (which Mozart did as well). I first wanted to 'colour' the arrangement a bit with an additional instrument, but then I decided to respect the historical authenticity and kept the dance as it was, with the original instrumentation.

    Enjoy the Gavotte Gracieuse!


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