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Topic: an aptly titled comp for the times....

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    an aptly titled comp for the times....

    I figured I\'d see if could ride the wave of my success from
    my Thomas inspired T-Bone demo with something a bit different. I just hope the responses this time are not as populated with smiley faces, winks, ROTF\'s and LOL\'s. That really hurt my feelings guys.

    Anyway, I don\'t know what the hell kind of cue this would be good for , but it tickles me in an \'icepick in the orbital socket\' kinda way.


    ..it ain\'t pretty


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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....


    And I was expecting Paganini!

    Grim, fatalistic, and grungy. Just what we need to cheer us up!

    I need a stiff drink.


    P.S. Do you have a Roland Brass ensemble crescendo sample in there (around 51-52 seconds in) and perhaps earlier around 17 seconds?

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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....

    There\'s some problem with the piece. I played it for my worst 1st grade class when they were going nuts, and it didn\'t help.

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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....

    Wow! That was outrageous. Is this the theme for the new James Bond thriller, \"Never Say Die, Until You\'re Actually Dead?\"

    To me, its reminiscent, but much better than the likes of Williams, Newman and Elfman.

    Matter of fact, Burt Williams and Horatio Newman were here the other day at my spacious studio and they had nothing near this quality to show. Reginald Elfman came over soon after and played me a new bit on his brand new accordion but it doesn\'t come close.

    Cool. Keep \'em coming. Bump.

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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....

    CRAZY! I like it. Maybe it\'s just cuz I\'m a gamer, but this sounds like an intro theme for some edgy game or something like that. Especially the part from 0:18 to 0:55. There\'s the music for the next big stealth action game. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    What did you use for the drums & percussion?

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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....

    Oh, yeah, we\'re having some fun now! This cut, although not as inspiring as your bass bone masterpiece, proves that darkness can be enlightening. Good stuff.

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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....

    I like it! My only comment is that I wanted more density after the intro at 0:18 or so. Something like the sampled voices of David Byrne/Brian Eno\'s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

    If you ever get a chance to hear that album keep in mind that it was 100% analog. I can\'t even imagine the time it took for them to punch in all those tracks on the beat at that time. These days any kid with ACID could do the basic editing.

    Anyway, more sampled voices would be consistent with the expectations that the intro conveys to the listener. Something the first graders can chant along with. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....

    FUn!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....

    Marko-merci...no a soundfont cres actually. Bottoms up it\'s the weekend

    Paul-no,no,no,no... not for the little children. They could end up like me

    rJ- You sir, are a big fat liar. I happen to know that Reginald Elfman is in London scoring a top secret project with the LSO and furthermore I am not in Horatio\'s league! But thanks.

    Sam- Not enough of you around here lately sir. Thanks for the comment. Some percs are mangled loops in Phatmatic, some hits from percussive adventures mini, various thuds and thumps from god only knows where.

    Sean- yeah, I know what you mean...sometimes you just write that one great comp and then... phtt... nothing for the rest of your life. That bone thing may have been my swansong.

    Jon-my friend from the wet pacific northwest. No, hadn\'t heard it but I\'ll take a look for it. Might play with the idea of more vocals through the second third of the thing. Not bad. However, the first graders chanting along...hmmm... that seems like we\'re heading towards a koolaid chugalug contest that doesn\'t end well.

    Rich- Hey pal! FU too!.... (Froodian typing slip Rich??)

    thanks for tuning in guys and more importantly dropping a line. It\'s always appreciated. (47 downloads and just you kind six replied...ahhh well...I\'ve been told I\'m an acquired taste)



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    Re: an aptly titled comp for the times....

    Hey, Mr.B very Nice!!,
    i like the change in 0:57, very \"MatriX\"
    Keep on!!.


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