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Topic: piano and orchestra that WORKS!

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    Re: piano and orchestra that WORKS!

    Well, there\'s another GREAT demo at this Milan site. Alan Russell (sounding like Oscar Peterson) doing Arlen arrangement of \"The Way You Look Tonight.\" This is soooo sweet. Listen to this piano!


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    Re: piano and orchestra that WORKS!


    Great demos !

    sound natural, like a great Steinway D !




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    Re: piano and orchestra that WORKS!

    Well thanks guys! I really appreciate your compliments and support. Yes, the orchestration is not the most difficult to lay down, but I didn\'t want to spend all of my time tweaking the orchestra. I leave this for the many talented composers and arrangers out there (and here at NS!)It was just a quick little demo to demonstrate the piano in a mix with orchestra. I believe that with the group of musicians/arrangers found in this forum, that mix could sound 100 times better!

    Many thanks to Alan Russell for his great demo for us. There\'s more to come in the future. Ok thanks again guys!

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    piano and orchestra that WORKS!

    This is a \"first\" in my opinion: an orchestral/piano combo that actually sounds real. To date I haven\'t heard one that\'s convincing, at all. But this one certainly is.

    Here\'s the URL:


    Go to the \"chopin E minor concerto\". This will WOW you folks!

    It\'s a demo of part of the middle movement of the Chopin E Minor Piano Conc (I\'ve played this one myself since I was 16 using mmo). This is the closest I\'ve heard yet to truly realistic piano/orchestra classical sampling. In fact, it\'s the ONLY realistic classical strings/piano sampling I\'ve ever heard, so it\'s definitely a \"first.\"

    Very, very close indeed. Now this little bit of Chopin happens only to require slow string attacks, which aren\'t as brutal a test as quicker string music. But there are woodwinds and brass here too, which are more difficult to make realistic. I\'d be interested to know whether the midi file was adjusted in light of the samples or simply applied to the midi file on an \"as is\" basis. I have about 20 recordings of this actual piece, and I gotta say, this interpretation is not bad at all. The piano ornaments ornaments and runs, which are so important in Chopin, aren\'t quite up to scratch. But the sampled piano itself is totally convincing, while not being too distant or \"verby,\" which I am the first to admit, is a down-and-dirty way of covering up a less than perfect piano sample (I do it myself all the time! mea culpa!).

    Here\'s the url:

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