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Topic: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

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    Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    Like Bill said in the \"Policy on talking about libraries on NS\" thread, I find it odd that Papa Chalk is now getting very strict regarding what is allowed in terms of library announcements and such here. I think the announcements are an enormous help, and perfectly alright. Like in no other community, it also gives us the opportunities to give the developers our inputs, and maybe affect the library in a small way.

    Announcing an emminent release of a library also seems perfectly right. I don\'t really care if this is being thought as, as a \'commercial\' by the NS administrators.

    If this is turning into a problem, maybe it\'s time we created our own forum - it shouldn\'t be too hard to find someone to host it - I don\'t know the amount of traffic here, but at least there\'s no file downloads and such so it shouldn\'t be too bad.

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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    \"If this is turning into a problem, maybe it\'s time we created our own forum\"

    Simply put, I agree.

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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    I certainly understand Pa Pa Chalk\'s point, but notice of upcoming libraries and the resulting feedback from users is incredibly valuable in understanding the considerations in design and use. As a result, I am better able to utilize all samples.

    Hope there will be a workable resolution here. I do not believe advertisers will view an announcement in a thread as a substitute for an advertisement using some visual medium. As to whether such postings adversly affect sales of advertiser\'s products on this site, I believe such decisions are made more on price. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    If this is a petition, sign me up. The main reason I come here is to hear about upcoming libraries.

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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    Besides, banner ads are worth nothing - all research shows that 99.9% of all people ignore them completely. Same thing with pop-up\'s (a la Tascam website).

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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    This is being blown way out of proportion and I find it even slightly insulting to the moderators to suggest that their policies amount to censorship.

    It just sounds like Donnie stirring up trouble from the netherworld.

    By all means create your own forum. Why not? The more the merrier. I look forward to visiting it. What will the policies be? Will there be no censorship at all? No moderators? A self-regulating forum? Wow, that means I can say whatever I please on it? Mmmm, what to do with such a wide berth? I can hardly wait. (I take it, it will be public and I\'ll be welcome there? - whatever the color of my opinion and mode of expression?)

    Just out of interest; it will be free? No ads? How will I find it? Will you be advertising it? How long do you reckon before it\'s up and running?

    Go to it guys! Bring it on. (And find a way to tell us about it without announcing it here - I believe that wouldn\'t be very nice to the people who built and run this one; I\'m sure you\'d agree, no?)

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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    First of all, I enjoy reading about a new forthcoming release of a sample library, but, we all are guests on this forum and as such we should show respect to the owners of this forum by abiding by their rules.

    Secondly, in another post DS soundware states that it uses this forum as a means to announce new libraries and that they cannot afford advertisement. So, in other words, this forum is used for advertisement purposes. I think it is a bit strange for sound developers, who rage against people copying their libraries, wishing to squeeze every cent out of their products, to expect the leaders of this forum to allow their ‘free advertising’ by means of ‘announcements’ on this forum. If you want your customers to pay you for services you render, then you should be willing to pay for services rendered to you by others, and if this means that you have to pay for advertisements, then you should. I do not copy any libraries, I pay for them, I respect the rules laid out in the licensing structures and I live by them, so if I live by those rules, what then is the trouble of showing respect for the rules laid out for this forum? May I be as bold as to suggest that you, the library developer, reserve a portion of the profit then for advertising purposes? Every businessman needs to do that.
    OF COURSE, I make this statement with regards to the forum rules, which are understandable since the site also offers PAID advertisement. If these rules did not apply, and there would be a section called ‘Announcements’, well, as I said, I *love* to read announcements about forthcoming libraries, so do not misinterpret this response that you think I am against announcements made by library developers.
    It’s just that this is a matter about respecting the rules laid out on this forum, which are in my view quite understandable.

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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    In general I agree with the forum owner\'s policy regarding announcements of commercial libraries. I am concerned about announcements of non-commercial libraries. I love it when the SAM project announces a free gig and the same for the G-town guy. Is it the policy of this forum that freebies can\'t be announced here? If it is then I think we need to seriously look at alternatives. What\'s the policy on the Tascam board? The free gigs have proven very useful for me and I want to know where to find out about more of them.


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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    Z6, I am not interested in making a new forum unless it\'s backed up 100% of course, and all activities going on here, should go there... Which is hard to do. But I can\'t see why announcing libraries isn\'t allowed here. It\'s a forum for gods sake. People come here to read the forums, not to watch the frikkin banner ads - I am sure nobody notices those unless they\'re told to. Banner ads are IGNORED - that\'s a fact. I don\'t understand why people would buy that kind of add space...

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    Re: Change of direction from NS owners on announcements

    This forum has nearly three times the traffic (27000) of the next most popular NS forum (9,500), and about eight times the traffic of the others (3200/3400).

    One of my main reasons for coming here is that I hear announcements of new products, announcements of concepts for new products, announcements of free products and discussion of libraries I might be interested in by people who are using them.

    Paying for the forum by charging for banner ads is totally reasonable.

    If I was, say, Dan Dean sending a cheque off to NS every month for my banner ad and read, say, the SAM announcement for their horn library, I would be frustrated and furious.

    I assume that from now on things like the SAM announcement, Digitalcalc\'s and others will be deleted from the board if the announcers are not paid subscribers to NS\' banner system.

    One of the great things about the the new sound libraries is that they are a very \'democratic\' product to create. You can spend as much or as little as you like making a sound library. On the one hand Tobias goes to his local church in his spare time and creates some useful percussion sounds which he gives away, while on the other hand many artisans are at work full time to create massive libraries like VSL.

    I wonder how many of the smaller \'developers\' can really justify the expense of a monthly banner bill (I have no idea how much this costs). I have a small library project near completion (which could be of interest to a couple of visitors to this forum), which I simply won\'t be able to point anyone to because I\'ll be in breach of forum rules. Yes I could pay for a banner ad, but the CD will be sold through a third party which has avenues of advertising which don\'t include NS.

    That brings to mind another point. What about posts by users who point us to monthly specials by companies such as Soundsonline, which compete with NS directly, and perhaps with NS advertisers indirectly? Do we miss out on these as well?

    The problem for me as a user is that this forum becomes much less attractive once I know that I am actually MISSING OUT on useful new library information because non-advertisers are excluded from contributing info about their projects here.

    Sorry that I can\'t contribute to this discussion in a more positive way...

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