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Topic: Other Means of Compensation for Developers & Artists

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    Other Means of Compensation for Developers & Artists

    This is not specifically targetted at sample library developers by any means, but it is an interesting article I came across. It talks about a new proposal for royalties of digital media. Ultimately, it fails to take into consideration software as well as other forms of media (such as sample libraries) that are freely traded. However, I think this could definitely work.
    Digital Media Compensation

    Please post what you think!

    Papa/Dee: sorry if this is OT....I couldn\'t decide which one to post it in for developers and artists.

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    Re: Other Means of Compensation for Developers & Artists


    Maybe the download/sharing networks ought to be treated as something like radio stations. I\'m sure that they have accurate records of what was downloaded/shared and how many times. And even if they don\'t currently, they would after the RIAA sued them for back payments of royalties.

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    Re: Other Means of Compensation for Developers & Artists

    That guy assumes that in the first year 20% of record sales will be lost to unlimited legal copying. What happens in 10 years? Will 80% of people keep buying CDs instead of copying? Not in this universe.

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    Re: Other Means of Compensation for Developers & Artists

    At one time the RIAA turned down Napster\'s offer for $0.05 per song downloaded. If they used that rate today as a standard, there would be estimated hundreds of millions or more going to the artists than with the approach the riaa has created. Ultimately, I think that all digital software/music/sample libraries could prosper from this if (for example in the US)this became the standard for obtaining it, versus all of it being pirated. I wouldn\'t be opposed to paying a low tax that every developer would reap the benefits from. They would probably see a higher profit margin. I don\'t know how the details of it would work, but it is an ALTERNATIVE method to this cp garbage. I think that developers could sell their libraries, or if the users use a file sharing network of sorts, pay a tax per month and then distribute the royalties. This forces the file sharing networks to pay royalties or be shut down - much like radio stations.

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    Re: Other Means of Compensation for Developers & Artists

    I personally think ALL the new compensation schemes I\'ve seen are just excuses to avoid enforcement of current laws. The FBI approved using its logo on music, video, and software products yesterday--another indicator and committment from law enforcement that people with evidence can pursue IP theft as a criminal, not civil, matter.

    That\'s the nut. When people start going to jail, just like they would if they stole a car, then piracy will drop into patterns that resemble other types of theft.

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    Re: Other Means of Compensation for Developers & Artists

    See that\'s the problem, the word \"assume\". Can they really prove a certain amount of revenue is lost by sharing?
    I like the iTunes model. I\'d pay a $1 for a song even thought I can get it for free from file sharing.
    As for sample libraries, sure some people trade them. But obtaining them illegally through file sharing is not that easy. If a person has dialup it would take days to download. I know for a fact WinMX is where you will see sample libraries. But try downloading them. SOme people will try to sell copies but would you risk sending $30 to someone who is operating illegally?
    Also keep in mind that CD-R media gets corrupted and the factory made CDs out last them.
    I think having small samples of a library to try like you see from Project SAM helps. I don\'t trust mp3 demos. If the recording industry can make Brittney Spears sound decent the same can be said for mp3 demos.
    Did you ever waste money on a product because you didn\'t get to try it out first?

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