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Topic: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

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    Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    Not everyone can afford the newer libraries that have come up lately. That includes me. Here\'s something [hopefully] proving that one can still pull it off with the \'old\', affordable [and some free] libraries:


    I used GOS Lite, Westgate Woodwinds, SAM Brass and Timpani, G-Town percs and Art Vista Malmsjo Acoustic Grand. The only new one here is SAM Trumpets.

    By the way, please help me with the mix... thanks!

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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    Nice melodic piece. It\'s nice to hear a distinct melody in a demo. I saw images of a rural town.

    As for the mix, it sounds pretty good to me. And it just goes to show that it\'s the composer/performer, not the sample library, that really counts.

    A good one for the portfolio.

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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    Well, sounds to me better than some of the demos in which the \"best soundings libraries are used\" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    congratulations, I think it\'s a very clear, simple, uplifting, sincere and well written piece Nice orchestration too!

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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    Most enjoyable Nhick. I agree with the preceding comments. The libraries you have are good ones; but it shows you don\'t have to spend thousands. It\'s not the qualifications; it\'s not the fancy libraries; it\'s the talent and the soul.

    Gorgeous piece....well done!


    PS I just listened again.....this is such a beautiful and WARM piece. It really warmed the cooling embers of my soul. Thanks

    I think the piece is also VERY commercial....it\'s even the right length. We have a Radio station in the UK which is called Classic FM....mainly the commercial (not too discordant) classics. I think that you would be in their charts with this one. Why not approach them for air time?

    With great admiration.

    My ears don\'t usually let me down [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    Haha , I also heard the musics on your website. Cool , I liked the ideas that you had on \"Are you Sleeping\" and \"Bach: air in D\" - original... but sometimes YOUR composition tend to be repetitive and we even can guess what´s coming next. I don´t know if it´s good or bad - who knows??? - but I personaly think it´s interenting changing a bit , at least the tune...
    Putz , what a brainy advice [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] - forget about!!!

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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    You know what, I really like this peice. You have used the libraries very nicely. Well done.

    Honestly the libraries you have are still able to compete with the bigger libraries. I have only just upgraded to VSL. And I still use most of my other libraries at some point. I still use the SAM brass and Timpani a lot. I still use G-town. I have one string peice that was written completely in GOS lite. And I cant play it using VSL strings becasue it was written for GOS lite and doesn\'t cross over very well. So it will be left as a GOS lite piece. Which BTW I\'m very happy with. Although I\'m not sure how much of GOS lite I will continue to use. But it will be used at some point.

    Having said all that. You really dont need to upgrade to more expensive libraries. Just be happy with what you have. Yes, you can pull it off, you just proved it.

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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    Hi Nhick,

    a very good work and so nice melody!!

    About the mix, my reflections (based only on my taste) are:

    - Westgate stuff sound a little bit too close, in opposition of strings that sound very smooth (too back on the stage). Maybe you can try adding more reverb on woodwinds and lower just a little high frequencies to simulate more of distance from listener, and give more air to strings.

    - Try also applying more pan on strings to enlarge the stereo field.

    - In all mix I feel an excessive bass boost for my taste. sounds as if you used a bass maximizer or something similar or if you equalized the mix cutting too much med/hig frequencies.

    - Also the piano has too much body IMHO.

    Again a very fine piece.


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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    Wow. How incredibly pretty!
    And as robgb said, its wonderful to hear a distinct (and lovely) melody for a change.

    I\'ll echo what the others are saying - that you\'re better off with the talent to be able to create music like this than you would be all the libraries in the world.

    I\'ve never heard GOS lite sound so good! Mind if I ask what patches you used?

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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    What a joyful piece of music!! I see before me the triumphant home-coming in a movie...Very nice.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Demo with Libs I Can Afford

    Thank you for your comments, guys! It\'s really nice to have all your comments though I just turned around to clean the carpet.

    Leogardini, the reason why some of the music posted on my site are quite repititive is because I use them to teach my anklung class and my students are mostly kids. I just don\'t want to confuse them too much. You\'re right though, I tend to dwell on an idea too many times.

    Wayne , I hope I can try the bigger libraries too someday. Just now, Mr. Garritan has posted a contest giving out GPO, GOS Full or GS160 to the person who will make the 10,000th post on his forum. That might be my chance to \'upgrade\'.

    Luca , thanks for the tips. I\'ll try them out later. I didn\'t pan the strings too wide because of aural imbalance in some parts where only the violin 1\'s or violin 2\'s are playing. I\'ll give your suggestion a second thought though. I did use BBE Sonic Maximizer to boost some brass basses. The piano was the least processed because I just love its warmth. Maybe it is indeed a little too much.

    ProfessorOak , I used mostly EXP patches layered with a bit of grand detaches on the GOS Lite. I also used the WARM patches only.

    Hans , I can\'t believe it\'s you! Well, I owe that piece largely to you and your piano. Thank you for making it affordable enough in spite of its high quality. I do have Malmsjo and Michiel Post\'s Bos 290 and use them alternately depending on the need. I just love them both!

    Again, thank you so much!

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