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Topic: VotA Utility controllers?

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    VotA Utility controllers?

    After about a year of hiatus from using VotA extensively with the utility, I sat down today and tried using the utility version 2.03 and found that the utility was not allowing any controller information pass through into Giga. So I couldn\'t access the big vibrato with the mod-wheel. If I bypass the utility everything is fine. Any thoughts? I emailed Nuno, but nothing yet from him.

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    Re: VotA Utility controllers?

    I knew that...and I always change the mod-wheel manualy with the mouse on Gigastudio!!!

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    Re: VotA Utility controllers?

    Hi Nick, this is a little OT, but are there still plans to bring osX users into the vota utility fold?

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    Re: VotA Utility controllers?

    Nick, i didn\'t received any mail...

    Nevertheless, by default the utility doesn\'t pass that messages (i could change that).

    To allow that, you must activate advanced MIDI IN. There you will add a CC Map saying that CC1 (mod wheel), will be routed to CC1 (mod wheel) in all Vowels.

    The idea bewind CC map is to have a full control between input Control Change messages, and output messages. For instance, you could be interested in use keyboard modulation wheel only to control vowels. Or you might use several CCs (from your sequencer) to individually control each vowel/patch.

    You can also config the utility to have default CC Maps.

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