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Topic: Solo Violin - making it real

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    Solo Violin - making it real

    Hi all

    Please can anyone help out in my ever learning experience with VSL (and orchestrating in general). I\'ve been wokring on an arrangement (from piano) of a song (not my own), and trying to use my newly gotten Solo Violin patch (on the update DVD). However, everyone who\'s heard it so far just says \"oh thats so false\" (which in a way it is). Any ideas on how to make it real? The same goes for the horns to, which I think get a little tin-can ish.

    Am I over processing? Am I not processing enough? Am I not playing the right articulations for that instrument? Any clues very much appreciated.



    The mockup can be found here (Just over 1mb)

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    Re: Solo Violin - making it real

    (really, I shouldn\'t reply on this. No experience with such libs)

    I think, part of it is, when the notes(Solo Violin) repeat, the samples seem to do that as well. If not same, perhaps to similar. Classic sampler re-re-re-repeat. Humans are extreemly sensitive to repeating sounds. Yea, you know all that.. I tried playing short 2-3 seconds slices of the take to prevent repeating. Like from 0:00-0:02. The *effect* doesn\'t show.

    Just my .004

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    Re: Solo Violin - making it real

    Is this a VSL violin? This has to be a mistake or at least a very wrong patch. I could\'ve sworn it was a Mellotron.

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    Re: Solo Violin - making it real

    Thanks chaps.

    Yes this is a VSL Violin. Its the VSL Solo violin from the update DVD- so there\'s only 1 patch on their. And yes I thought it sounded like an accordian! Which shouldn\'t be the case - any VSL users any ideas?

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    Re: Solo Violin - making it real

    I think the Solo Violin is going to be tough with only the single patch available. I would personally go for the \"baffle \'em with BS\" approach, and trade off the line so that the violin doesn\'t get exposed so much.

    Some of the other parts are out of balance. I noticed some woodwind figures getting swallowed up. I think you could extend some of the phrasing, too, so things are carrying across bar lines and creating longer arcs.

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    Re: Solo Violin - making it real

    Well, I must say the sound of the violine is pretty awsome (at least on my headphones here). So why doesn\'t it sound real? I think it\'s a phrsing problem. A real violonist would never play this melodie like this (f ex the attacks are often kind of brutal and always the same). Use cc11, imagine the different bow speeds and strikes of the player. It\'ll sound lot better I think. Nice theme and harmony, btw.

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    Re: Solo Violin - making it real

    Syquest - its a single patch (which is probably why it sounds false) from the Update DVD for first edition users. I haven\'t got the pro edition (which has far more articulations) - looks like i might be saving up for it though [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Solo Violin - making it real

    Thanks again. I\'m bust working on incorporating all the suggestions, hopefully have some to post in the near future.

    Thanks everybody

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    Re: Solo Violin - making it real

    Is it a patch from Orchestra Cube or Performance ? I\'ve used the piano patch from the performance set with a little bit of reverb (for an arrangement) and it sound so real ....

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