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Topic: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

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    QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    Does anybody have those CD\'s...how are they ? I know most people in here talk/discuss about orchestral libraries but are there any people in here that buy sample cd\'s other than orchestral stuff...?

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    Hey have QL Strat. I don\'t use it as much as I should, but when I do use it and apply simulated amp effects, it comes out quite convincing. He even includes 2 patches of power chords from QL Guitar and Bass. Useful stuff if you\'re into Drum and Guitar.

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    thanks man, ...I always wonder if the market for gtr cd\'s is not so big...cause there aren\'t many ...

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    I am sooo with you ! I have posted something in a diff thread back a few days check it out. I don\'t think people care about gtr cd\'s. I wonder how many QL Strats got sold. Hey, are you the jingle writer/composer ?
    Does \"La Times-Animanics\" ring a bell ? If it does - WASSUP ??? Yes, its me !

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    I think there\'s not as much of these guitar and bass stuff because its easier to record them yourself, comparing it with recording a full size orchestra!!! While everyone can pick up a guitar and strum away with a little practice, not everyone can pick up a violin and play a line... In all band permutations, you have at most 3 guitars and 2 basses (super overkill!!!) and all parts can be written and played by 1 player and recorded over each other. With strings, you have violin, viola, cello and bass, and even though 12 violins play the same line, its impossible to emulate a violin ensemble just using a single recorded violin... heheheheh... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    But you should check out Yellow Tools Pure Guitars... I have that and I love it!!! For a wonderful Martin 0016 sound, check out Matt Ragan Steel STrength, I love that too!!! And you can also buy the Pro Samples volume 16 for a cut down version of Quantum Leap Gtr+Bass, I think it is ok... The Acoustic God sample on that I think is superb!!!


    meeehoon [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    Yo JOSEPH Ma boy ..hehe

    now THATS funny ! How are you doing ?
    Are you still working on CA ...how is it going with that ...when does the album drop ? Send me private message.

    Meeehoon, yeah I think you are right about the ease of recording guitars - even though sometimes I need to hire a gtr player just to get a few ideas down and it would be great to play it with cool samples...

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    Nah you guys are all wrong, there is a market for guitar samples, just no one has really got it right, however VintAudio\'s Clear Guitars comes extremely close. I would have loved to see more rythm patches myself. But for the money, their guitar sample cd is by far the best one available. QL Strat seems to be orphaned. No one has it, no seems to be using it. No one is talking about it. I was really gung ho about this library until it came out, the price was/is too high, I\'m not crazy about the fact that it\'s copy protected, but I could live with that if the price was lower or if I could hear more 3rd party demos to prove it\'s worth the asking price. And I\'ll bet you there is alot of keyboard players like myself who could use a kick *** electric guitar library for doing rythm sequences. Up and down strokes, mutes, etc. Sonic Implants has the most variety of guitar samples, but ultimately they leave you wanting more when you start using them in a mix. It\'s only a matter of time when someone does a kick *** guitar library. They\'ve already done it acoustically, we just need the electronic versions. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    Yes that\'s what I wanna hear !! - finally somebody out there that wants to play gtr on the keys ...hehe
    I have spend thousands of dollars on string/orch librarys and I would spend 500 bucks on a slammin\' gtr cd, - like GOS on gtr\'s...

    hey ,chris did you get my message...

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass


    I was just about to release a Guitar CD last year, but halted since there is no real amp/guitar FX in GigaStudio. But next year I will make a couple of Guitar Cd\'s.

    I need them myself.... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: QL Stratocaster, Gtr+Bass

    I\'ve been waiting since Gigasampler 1.5 for a decent guitar library that is playable. I\'ll keep an eye on you Scarbee. Peace.

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