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Topic: The best converter for GigaStudio

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    The best converter for GigaStudio

    Which of these programs is the best converter for GigaStudio: Chickensys Translator or CDXtract 4?

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    Re: The best converter for GigaStudio

    Is there anyone who could give an answer to this, so that I can choose the best program to use for conversion?

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    Re: The best converter for GigaStudio

    Although I own neither program, the name I hear most often is Translator. I have never been able to get a lucid explanation as to why that program is better, especially for converting Akai stuff, but there it is, for what it is worth. I too would like some critical guidance on this. Anybody?

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    Re: The best converter for GigaStudio


    I spent some time demo-ing both programs (although it was with CDXtract 3.6 and not 4). Translator does not do a good job with Soundfonts. However, overall, it seemed to bring the programs over better than CDXtract.

    Where loops were used, I found clicks in the CDXtract conversions, as well as at the beginning of some samples. The Translator conversions seemed to be more complete and consistent.

    I would say that each has its quirks but Translator seems to be more complete. I have read good reviews of CDXtract 4 though.

    Rubber Chicken Software (who make Translator), seem to be pretty responsive to emails I\'ve found. They may not be the quickest all the time to release updates when they say they will but I have not found them to be unresponsive in communication. YMMV.

    Both have demos that are downloadable from their websites. I recommend that you try both. HTH,


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    Re: The best converter for GigaStudio


    I purchased Transaltor specifically to convert Soundfonts to Giga. So far it has not worked well at this. Support has been weak (non-responsive). I hope it\'s better at converting other sample formats.


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    Re: The best converter for GigaStudio

    I have Chicken sytems and have had no trouble converting both Roland and Akai samples to Giga with their latest version of the program. Don\'t know about any other types of samples. I would certainly recommend them.

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