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Topic: For those with the new Brass Libraries....

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    For those with the new Brass Libraries....

    Dan Dean, Sam Horns, or those who get their hands on beta versions of QL,....I have a request.

    Could one of you do a midi version of the 20th Century Fox Fanfare of Alfred Newman? I\'d love to hear it.

    LOP should be able to handle the percussion. GOS or SI should be able to get the strings.

    But I have never heard a sample brass section handle those repeated notes from the brass convincingly.

    Even when I listened to the Vienna demos today, they had an orchestral piece with repeated notes in the brass. It failed. Gave away that it was a sample library.

    Has anyone ever taken a shot at this? The fanfare is around 20 seconds. As far as I\'m concerned, it ought to be the litmus test for Brass libraries, as Barber is for strings.

    I\'d even settle for a little Copeland.

    I\'m getting a bit leary of sample demos that cleverly disguise the weaknesses, but accent the strengths of their sounds, both in range and articulations.

    It\'s all very nice to hear poster\'s original compositions and such, but for judging libraries with these price ranges, we ought to hear familiar repertoire.

    Thanks in advance to anyone with the time to tackle the 20th Century fanfare or Copeland\'s Fanfare for the Common Man.

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    Re: For those with the new Brass Libraries....

    I\'m not a sample developer, but I am a brass player, so I have to wonder: surely triple-tonguing is sampled? It\'s a lot closer to a \"basic\" technique (something we all learn in school and have to practice with some regularity) than some of the freaky string effects regularly included in orchestral libraries. (To say nothing of AO\'s hitting-the-tuba-mouthpiece [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

    More generally, I wholeheartedly agree with the notion of putting together a \"standard library\" for testing samples. Say 5-10 pieces spread from the Baroque to Contemporary and chamber music to the scale of Mahler\'s 8th. Not only does it provide a good comparison, but whenever a new sample is developer it would have demos produced for \"free.\"

    In fact, the idea seems so obvious that I\'m assuming there\'s a technical hangup -- I\'m very new to Giga if it isn\'t obvious, so while I\'m sure the process involves a lot more than slapping a MIDI into Cakewalk, I don\'t know how much tweaking goes into a normal demo.

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