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Topic: Question for Simon about TC M-One

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    Question for Simon about TC M-One

    I looked into manual and there are 100 patches, but I don\'t understand why they call for example: \"M-one halls\" , \"Large/Medium room\" , \"Small/Large halls\" etc. Why there\'s not for example 22. Small hall, 23. Large hall instead 22. Small/Large halls, or 1. M-one hall instead 1. M-one halls? M2000 and 3000 have separated single presets (Big Warm Hall etc.) and combined presets (Two Halls..) in different groups. But why there aren\'t single presets on M-One???

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    Re: Question for Simon about TC M-One

    Well, the M-One is a stereo unit, so you can do two mono patches at a time. Or you can route both left and right through two different algorithms. So depending on how you route it, you can add e.g. Small Hall/Large Hall - separately for left and right or on both channels. You have a 1/2 algorithm knob so you can adjust the mix of the 2 effect engines.

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    Re: Question for Simon about TC M-One

    Thanks, Simon. Still it\'s not too clear to me... (I don\'t have the unit so I can\'t try..) if I want just one TC M-One XL Hall and nothing else, what should I do if Patch 1 is TC M-One XL Halls? Isn\'t it strange to have two halls mixed together?? Adjust mix between them? Why? Why should I want some mix of room and hall for example, and not normal one-space patch?? Does it mean that if I want XL Hall 1, then I should turn the knob to the very left? And if want Hall 2 then to the right? And if it is in the middle what would it sounds like?? Some strange mix? If I see patches like \"Small Arena/Large Hall\" I absolutely don\'t understand any point why mix them together instead of having totaly separated \"Small Arena\" patch and \"Large Hall\". Isn\'t it strange somehow? Thanks for any info, I\'m a bit surprised, I\'ve never noticed anything similar with Lex MPX.

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    Re: Question for Simon about TC M-One

    No the MPX1 can only do one reverb at a time, so that\'s why you havent seen it there. If you want BIG HALL on both left and right, you have to setup the same algorithm on both efx slots 1 and 2 and route left to 1 and right to two. Actually, I am not completely sure that I am right aobut this. Maybe it\'s a dual stereo unit? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) Haven\'t really dwelved so much into it. But I think it\'s just dual mono. On some patches I have an ambient reverb together with a hall reverb for example. Can work nicely on percussion.

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    Re: Question for Simon about TC M-One

    And if I setup the same algorithm on both efx slots 1 and 2 and route left to 1 and right to two, wouldn\'t I get on output two same stereo halls mixed together then? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Or is it possible to disable one slot completely? If so, then finally the situation would be the same as with MPX, wouldn\'t be?

    Btw. can you recommend M-One for GS stuff or not? I\'m thinking about its successor M-One XL which has improved all reverb algorithms. I hate the sound of Lexicon MPX-100/500, but I love the sound ot PCM-90, and I don\'t know how TC sounds.. Let\'s say if I take some piano library (Bosendrof or Gigapiano) and some guitar (Hans Zimmer for example), maybe also flute, violin and some percussion and record quickly some standard piece - is M-One better for this or MPX-1? Or for such instruments like pianos, Irish flute from Quantum Leap Rare Instr., guitars..? Thanks!

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    Re: Question for Simon about TC M-One

    You can route left to effect 1, right to effect 2 and then get those outputs separately left/right, if you use a parallel connection. You can also route both left and right through both efx.

    I think MPX1 is generally better for orchestral stuff. TC reverbs have always sounded too pretty and clear to me... I use M-One for brass and percussion sometimes.

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    Re: Question for Simon about TC M-One

    Hi Simon,
    about MPX1 and M-One... I also have the same feeling, but only becase I was deceived by the smaller brother of the M3000...! This latter unit is really transparent for orchestral sounds (and anyway TC does sounds more clear than Lexicon) but isn\'t this a quality? MPX1 sounded to me a little \"boxy\" to fit an orchestra...

    Just my opinion,


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    Re: Question for Simon about TC M-One

    Hi Guys,

    I have the M-One and the MPX1 as well. There are several ways to use the M-One as Simon explained, but the easiest (I believe!) way is to treat it like 2 independent FX returning on the same stereo pair and assign each input to 2 auxiliaries on your mixer.

    For example, my default setup has a Hall on one engine and a Plate on the other. Aux 7 and Aux 8 on my d8b feed these 2 inputs and then both return as a stereo pair to the desk. BOTH FX are stereo! There is no need to make them mono.

    I hope this info helps. BTW, I can\'t say I prefer the Lex or TC for orchestral stuff. It depends on the individual piece, but I do like the Piano Hall setting on the MPX1 for the Post Steinway D!


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