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Topic: Ultimate Strings

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    Ultimate Strings

    Is anyone out there still using Ultimate Strings given the likes of GOS and SI? I know it won\'t compete with these libraries but does it have any good points? It\'s on special for $99.

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    Re: Ultimate Strings

    Originally posted by Craig_L:
    Is anyone out there still using Ultimate Strings given the likes of GOS and SI? I know it won\'t compete with these libraries but does it have any good points? It\'s on special for $99.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">There are certainly some nice patches in there (also some crap, to be honest). I have made a few usable cross-fade patches. Especially the softer samples have a nice noisy character. There are also some usable marcatos.

    I have the AKAI version, is the Giga version now on sale for $99?

    Be prepared to do some programming, if you decide to order it. The booklet talks about \"slightly detuned\" European strings, but actually this tuning is just programmed. Also all the \"slow\" attack patches are simply copies of normal programs, with higher Attack values. No real recordings.

    I also have AO and Gos. Doesn\'t hurt to add another string lib for $99 IMO.

    Peter / emano

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    Re: Ultimate Strings

    The Demos sound very convincing.

    Anyone with Ultimate Strings have .art files, that I could use?


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    Re: Ultimate Strings

    Where is it on sale?


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    Re: Ultimate Strings

    I have been using ultimate strings for several years. Frankly I can\'t afford $1,000 for a string library right now. I have found several patches that are very good. Some \"adjusting\" of the parameters is necessary. There is at least one art file for one of the patches -- it made an improvement but has a strange anomolous behavior at low levels. I usually blend Advanced Orchestra, Ultimate Strings, Danney Jegger, and many free string sounds. I know this combination does not have the detailed variations of GOS.


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    Re: Ultimate Strings

    Many thanks for your replies - I guess I was wondering whether it would be good at faster string passages as the info says it has three recorded tempos up to 180 as well up and down bowing.

    Sounds Online have the Roland version at $99, which I would convert to GIGA through Chicken Systems. The Giga version is $179, although from previous posts I gather the original format is Akai.

    Would like to by GOS or SI but can\'t afford them at the moment - although there is the GOS lite version.

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    Re: Ultimate Strings


    Forget about those Up-Down bows in Ultimate Strings, that was just a marketing trick, nicely uncovered in an extensive review in Sound on Sound. There are I believe only a very few patches that feature the same notes twice, allowing for alternate playing. Be prepared for the regular machine gun short notes with Ultimate Strings (talking about the AKAI version).

    That is one of the problems with liner notes: every reseller just copies-and-pastes it to his brochures and website.

    $ 179 for the Giga version, mmm, I don\'t know...



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    Re: Ultimate Strings


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    Re: Ultimate Strings

    Thanks for that - machine gun short notes - just what I\'m trying to solve. Maybe King Idiot\'s solution in the GOS updates will handle this, but I need to buy the full version. It\'s a pain using different samples for alternat notes. I wonder how SI fairs in this area - I do like their demos.

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    Re: Ultimate Strings

    Just another 2 cents.

    I own Ultimate and Miroslav mini (poor man\'s selections) and have some success with both.

    The ultimate strings serve me well. The fast psasages kind of work with the marcato articulation and some reverb.

    Maybe I can post a small demo to show you a quick string passage. Passable I think...but not sure what your standards are.

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