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Topic: Heeelp! - Pedal/Release Samples????

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    Heeelp! - Pedal/Release Samples????

    Is there a way to have the release samples triggered by letting up the sustain pedal in Kontakt? I am adding release samples to the new Art Vista Piano, and can\'t figure this out.

    The sound is abruptly cut off if a note is stopped by releasing the sustain pedal. The release sample is not triggered!!!

    Any help would be great!!!

    I took the liberty to post here since the Kontakt Forum appears to be quite dead.

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Heeelp! - Pedal/Release Samples????


    Sounds as though you need to increase the release time on the pedal down samples in the ADHSR envelopes in Kontakt. You need to highlight your pedal down samples group on the keyboard map in Kontakt before you make this adjustment. I don\'t think you can trigger separate release note off samples by letting up on the sustain pedal controller.


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    Re: Heeelp! - Pedal/Release Samples????

    Hi Kip,

    Thanks for replying!

    It certainly is a drag if the natural release samples of the pedal up samples have to be mixed with pedal down ADHSR releases...

    I don\'t have v. 1.5 of Kontakt. Could this have been fixed there?


    Also, if you play a note with the pedal up, and then use the sustain pedal - when you release the note it is cut off abruptly, because the cross-fade of the pedal up samples aren\'t as long as ADSHR releases!!!

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    Re: Heeelp! - Pedal/Release Samples????

    Hello. I\'ve already \'Kontakted\' NI about this and their answer was \"This is not possible as it goes against the Kontakt philosophy.\" I have done my own method of working around it as best as I can. For the the true pedal off samples, you need to keep your fingers on the keys, lift the pedal, then lift your fingers for the the pedal effect. Make sense? Most annoying I know, but what can we do?! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Heeelp! - Pedal/Release Samples????

    Giga 3

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