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Topic: Some New Composing Goals!

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    Some New Composing Goals!


    Well, I am pretty excited! I have opened up some more doors for my music based career. :P Despite my current project, Love and War (which is coming a long nicely), I have decided to tackle the the indie game market. My goal is to create musical assets for indie game makers to use in their games for a great price! We all know composing can be very expensive for consumers.

    Ultimately, I want to make an affordable path for developers on small budgets. As a side note, I am happy to say that I am working on submitting a musical resource pack for RPG Maker. I am quite excited about this! The composition above (Love and Tragedy) is the first composition of the resource pack I am creating. The first project is going to be compositions that fit scenes.

    I am focusing on gaming music with slight dynamics. I don't want to overly orchestrate everything because that would ruin the retro feeling for games that don't require it. EX: A General Rpg Maker based game would not benefit from a concentrated symphonic piece where as a game like Final Fantasy XIV would.

    Here is the website I am creating for this type of work, I just started today.

    Libraries Used:
    - Vienna Appassionata Strings SE



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    Re: Some New Composing Goals!

    Hi Richard,

    I'm so glad you've found a new composition goal. It will give you great satisfaction and a new elan to sit and write music. Quite interesting as a project too!



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    Re: Some New Composing Goals!

    Thanks Max! Game music is practically what I have been brought up on. I think that I may be able to help a lot of those indie game developers out there. I have been looking on several royalty free music sites and wow! It really does get quite expensive. This is going to be a new fields for me (in a commercial based environment), but a fun one!



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    Re: Some New Composing Goals!

    Have fun my friend. Always curious about ones career. Go for it!!
    Great development. Hopefully we see more of your compositions (or snippets).

    Greetings from Holland,


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    Re: Some New Composing Goals!

    Thanks Raymond! I am really excited about this just for the new experience it may bring. It's a new chapter for me in the composing area, and it will allow me to focus on a larger variety of different genres than my typical pieces that I generally share here. I'll be definitely sharing snippets and new stuff with the community! NS is my favourite community with a gang of really great people! The feedback over the years I have gotten from everyone on here has helped me grow into a better composer.



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