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Topic: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

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    SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    News from SAM !

    SAM Horns, our upcoming orchestral french horns library, is now in its final production phase and will be released in September.

    We have started taking pre-orders on our website www.projectsam.com .

    Pre-ordering concerns the exclusive solo horn we sampled (\" Playful Demo \"). Read more about our offer and library pricing on the website.

    The patches are now being beta-tested by some people and they will provide us with new demos to add to the 3 official ones shortly!


    The SAM Team

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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    $99, affordable indeed! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    It says that the library will uncompress to 1gig but it fits on a CD rom. Is this in the infamous \"Gigasampler Compression\" thing or is it just a normal .zipped file?

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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    Probably RAR because that offers far better compression-ratios than ZIP does.


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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    Pre-order submitted.

    Can I give you money now, or does that have to wait until September?

    I guess I\'m waiting for the e-mail confirmation to tell me such things. But I fear that, because the form processor grouped my e-mail address and phone number together on one line, I might not recieve this confirmation when you send it.

    Forgive my paranoia - I\'m just excited this is almost here...

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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    Thanks for mentioning that Aaron!
    I fixed the small form error (duplicate form object names).



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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    Marteen, this is awesome! I\'ve submitted my pre-order. I\'m so excited. Will you be the father of my children? It\'s a genetic impossibility, but we can adopt. Yes your horns sound THAT GOOD. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    Just out of curiosity...how much is shipping going to cost to the US?

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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    To be fair to this forum\'s purpose and rules, I\'d like to ask all of you to contact us directly if you have any more questions (starting with you Midphase!) -

    You can contact us at info@projectsam.com.

    Thanks for all your support and interest! We\'re flattered!

    The SAM Team

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    Re: SAM Horns Pre-ordering

    thank you Maarten


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