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Topic: Anyone Using EWQLSO in Kontakt?...

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    Anyone Using EWQLSO in Kontakt?...

    ...on a PC, stand-alone or as a VST plugin? I\'ve been told that if I want access to MIDI CCs or want to tweak the patches in any way I have to use Kontakt. So how does that work? Which version of Kontakt will I need to run the library? Does DFD work in Kontakt?

    I continue to read threads which indicate that NI\'s programs are not quite there yet as far as stable performance. Does anyone have a good experience to report re: Kontakt and the orchestra library or should I hold off on going that route for now?

    Thanks for any input or advice you can offer.

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    Re: Anyone Using EWQLSO in Kontakt?...


    I\'ve used EWQLSO (24 bit) as a DXI to Sonar 3.11b Producer from Kontakt...works flawless..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Anyone Using EWQLSO in Kontakt?...

    Right now Kontakt is more stable than Kompakt. Although they will both get an update very soon, which will make them equal in performance. Use the latest release of kontakt.

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    Re: Anyone Using EWQLSO in Kontakt?...

    How soon is now?

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    Re: Anyone Using EWQLSO in Kontakt?...

    I started ASAP on Kontakt when 1.5 came through because of the doubling of available MIDI channels and better resource management from not having to launch as many instances of the interface. I highly reccomend it unless the Kompakt interface every offers more channels.

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