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Topic: Guitar Cd's...

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    Guitar Cd\'s...

    I was wondering if there are any cool, contemporary rock (papa roach, creed...) gtr sample cd\'s...? I have pure gtr\'s, QL strat, Steve St., hans Z. but they don\'t cover that area..

    Thanks everybody

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    Re: Guitar Cd\'s...

    Maybe Steinberg´s Virtual Guitarist can be something:

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    Re: Guitar Cd\'s...

    I actually got virt Gtrist. I like it for certain things but its not doing the \"2002\" Rock sounds...you know what I mean..

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    Re: Guitar Cd\'s...

    Hi Jo, you mentioned that you have the QL56 Strat, can you give us your overall opinions of the library? Have you been able to get results as good as the official demo for the library?


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    Re: Guitar Cd\'s...

    No Problem. My overall impression of the QL strat: Well, the library is in general very good. The playabiliy isn\'t as great as i would have expected it as a \"wanna play gtr on keys\" guy. When I listened to the demo online together with my gtrplayer friend we were both - DAMN ! - when i got it, it didn\'t exacly still my thurst !
    With most of the sounds you have to really tweak - like reamping, stompboxes, micing etc. - to get them to sound like the real thing. If you treat the samples like a real guitar and do everything you would do to a real gtr - yup it sounds dope ! What bothered me the most was the \"dated\" sound of them. I will post an mp3 as soon as I have some time...
    So on a scale from 1 to 10 - I give it a 6.

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