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Topic: Are SI Strings flopping?

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    Are SI Strings flopping?

    I don\'t know why but I get the impression they are not selling that well. I could be totally wrong here, but it seems like people are not talking about them that much, it even seems like very few people\'s mp3\'s use SI Strings, or even mention that it\'s what they use. I know a couple of users like King have them and have spoken highly of them, but overall I don\'t get the impression that a lot of people jumped on the SI bandwagon quite yet. I realize that they are still relatively new, but...

    How many of you out there own them? What do you think? Do you also own GOS? And if so....was spending the additional $1300 worth it?

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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?

    SI is Sonic Implants. Sonic Implants just release a new string library.

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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?

    Yes it was worth it to me. I\'ve done some great work with it the past few days that I wouldn\'t ahve been able to do with other libs as quickly.

    The strings are fantastic.

    I haven\'t talked much about it because I haven\'t much of a chance to use them.

    I do think they are very good tho.

    Dont ask me if its better than GOS, because there\'s no real answer to that.

    In some cases SI is better and in some cases GOS is better.

    Either is good enough to get good sounds out of, but each have a distinct sound. I find my self reaching for one or the other depending on the piece. Mixing them can work, but I haven\'t really pushed that envelope yet.

    It better not be flopping. I dont think it should since its a great lib.

    I know I say that about lot of libs.. but really its a fantastic library. Probably one of the top 5 I have.

    I still haven\'t pushed its limits, but jsut by using it the little bit I have, I know its very good.

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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?

    Midphase, I have a new demo online now which uses SI strings only, except for GOS sautille and I think also one of the new GOS celli marcato patches. You\'ll find it at http://www.simonravn.com/media/MiddleEarth-192.mp3 - forgive my LOTR inspirations

    I have used much of SI for most of what I\'ve done recently (no real \'official\' demos though, except this) and they are wonderful. The basses, the basses....

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?

    Hi Guys,

    Oh no, I don\'t think they\'re flopping in any way. Matter of fact, I was just talking to them and the sales are surpassing their expectations to the point they\'re having to restructure their shipping methods!!

    You just don\'t hear much yet because, as KI says, people are just beginning to work with the product. They didn\'t have a lot of pretesters on this group, so information didn\'t trickle out in advance as it does on some other libraries. Keep in mind that the total number of GigaStudio users is WAY larger than what\'s represented here.

    I am just starting to get through it myself, but I\'d say so far it\'s very nice. Similar in scope to GOS, for those familiar with that, but smaller sections and a little different recording perspective. It will take me a month or so to work it into enough projects to start forming hands-on conclusions about best uses, etc. It\'s certainly an investment grade library, though, I can tell you that for sure. You\'d make your money back on it quite easily on just a few projects...and it won\'t be yesterday\'s news the next time something comes out.

    I think that\'s something very important to consider right now...looking for the \"best\" of this and best of that is really pretty meaningless. Nobody is releasing any poor quality $1000 sample libraries, you know? They\'re all going to be good tools and it\'s going to be more like the difference in an Infiniti or Lexus rather than the difference between BMW and a Ford Escort. Much more about taste and needs than quality.

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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?

    SI must be doing something right. Check this out:


    long-time Kurzweil employee making the move to SI. This guy has been fabulous to the Kurz community.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?

    Hi Austin,

    Actually, it makes a lot of sense, since Jennifer Hruska, the producer/owner of Sonic Implants, was instrumental in the Kurzweil sound of latter years. If you check the production/design credits on SI strings, you\'ll find more ex-Kurzweil names.

    I think you\'ll also find that Kurzweil is really a sinking ship in terms of innovation. It\'s now owned by the Koreans (Young Chang), who have much more interest in manufacturing consumer items than MI-channel/professional gear--living room digital pianos and such. Having lived in Korea for a number of months (while playing a tour and recording an album with Lee Seung Hwan), I can definitely tell you the emphasis and sensibility there is pure processed, plastic wrapped cheese, and you won\'t find the sensibilities of Raymond Kurzweil being pursued--despite Young Chang\'s marketing of the contrary. That market is all about sugary slickness, and the talent hemmorhage from Kurzweil is just about complete--much of it landing at Sonic Implants. Whatever Kurzweil \"meant\" in the past, it certainly doesn\'t mean that today, and I don\'t think you\'re going to see much innovation there beyond what has already occurred.

    Good news for us, though, eh? One more great company gobbled up by a mega-corporation and pimped out like a ten-dollar crack whore for the bottom line. Good thing that art always survives, and that the real talent can\'t be held back--it will just sprout up somewhere else, better than before.

    Let\'s hope Tascam\'s stewardship of GigaStudio is a bit more responsible...

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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?

    I pre-bought the SI strings not too long after hearing that first legato demo. I was simply blown away and continue to be so. Though I\'d like to, I haven\'t posted any demos, as I\'ve been up to my eyeballs in a project that\'s keeping me busy until sometime in October. I\'m hoping to take some time off then and compose for myself for a little while, as well as do some score study and some general movie-watching and game-playing. But to your original question, I certainly hope they\'re flying off the shelves, because I really think that in terms of expressive string writing, they\'re the best I\'ve heard, and Jennifer and company deserve to get rich as hell off their hard work.

    (disclaimer: my opinion, your results my vary, yadda yadda yadda no flame wars please thank you)

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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?

    I think that they are really good.
    My director loves them.

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    Re: Are SI Strings flopping?


    good work man ! It\'s sweet. What percs are u using ?

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