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Topic: Sample organ!!!

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    Sample organ!!!

    Hello everybory
    What´s the best organ library available on the market??? Can someone give me advices??? Some comments??? Links??? Demos???
    I prefer an library with natural ambience (recorded on a big cathedral)...

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Sample organ!!!

    Have a listen here:


    THe Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples are really, REALLY sweet. It\'s very much in the vein of the first Peter Ewers collection, but more detailed in recording and approach. Two different organs/cathedrals with cathedral release tails. The tuttis are monstrous, and the range runs all the way to really sweet and gentle.

    Check those out and see what you think. If that\'s not your bag, then I can maybe steer you a couple of other directions.

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    Re: Sample organ!!!

    Yes , I heard these demos some months ago but I could not remember the site again. Sounds nice. Thanks for the link Bruce!!!
    Actually , I want to hear as much as possible - if you have more suggestion they´re welcome...

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    Re: Sample organ!!!

    If it\'s church organs you\'re looking for, and you like free, there\'s a pretty nice sounding one at http://www.gtownsounds.com/

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    Re: Sample organ!!!

    Thanks seanmccoy , I´ve already have the G-Town organ , very simple and good... but what I´m looking for is something much bigger. I´m composing a soundtrack called \"The Apocalypse\" and I will mix this organ with VOTA and heavy brass (and the rest of the orquestra of course). I need something huge in order to get the felling of \"the end of the days\"... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: Sample organ!!!

    I noticed a number of sampled instruments at Brett Milan\'s site, including an organ. Actually, now that I look, there are 5 sampled organs there!



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    Re: Sample organ!!!


    PMI has a new organ that will be out very soon.
    We are still optimizing it for GST3. The IR-based reverberation will make a huge difference and make this beast less hungry on polyphony, since we don\'t have to include the full release tails for each voice. Since they can be up to 5 seconds (reverb time of the church) these consume a lot of polyphony while playing.
    In the GST3 optimized version we\'re giving a short release sample of the pipe beeing stopped and let Gigapulse do the rest!

    For a great Tutti demo of this organ check this: PMI Organ topic

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    Re: Sample organ!!!

    John Grant will you please contact us. There is a problem with your email address. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sample organ!!!

    Thanks John ,
    the demos sound nice and the price is good!!!

    Michael ,
    thanks for the suggestion. I´l be waiting for more demos and informations about it!!!

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    Re: Sample organ!!!


    NDB will be out for GigaStudio 3 soon with additional stops, combinations and (big) cathedral impulses, upgrade offers, etc., with everything you need; so stay tuned. :-)

    Best wishes,

    NDB lead eng.

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