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Topic: Which first: Picked or Fretless bass?

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    Which first: Picked or Fretless bass?


    I get so many suggestions about a picked bass that I want to ask you:

    Which bass do you want me to do next:

    1) The Aura Fretless

    2) Fender Precision Picked



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    Re: Which first: Picked or Fretless bass?

    I vote for the picked Fender.. I can\'t wait to hear what your picked libarary is going to sound like!!

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    Re: Which first: Picked or Fretless bass?

    My vote if definately for the Precision!!! Oooh...I can\'t wait!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Which first: Picked or Fretless bass?

    There is probably less competition doing the Picked, I know of only one other worthy competitor in that field. DO THE PICKED! As you know for rock music the sound of the pick is very important, please consider having a gig of just pick sounds, that when overlayed with the normal gigs enhances the pick sound. I\'m kind of thinking on the lines what I think Nick did with his strat, if I remember in his demos he had a patch of pick sounds that when overlayed with the other gigs produced a more realistic strum sound.

    I also would consider doing a rock/picked bass with your collection. A very heavy picked bass, in a few octaves, 2-3 velocities, up and down strokes. Still keep all your samples clean, post processsing is defintely the way to go.

    I like the other guys picked, but it doesn\'t have up AND down slides or enough fret noise. So those are important as well.

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    Re: Which first: Picked or Fretless bass?

    Just to be the odd ball, I can\'t think of a really great fretless bass out there. I would love a smooth and rich fretless, maybe with lots of interval slides and a Mod Wheel controlled vibrato Xfade.

    Pick basses are pretty easy to come by, and they all tend to sound fairly similiar (ie. kinda cheap).

    Just my $.02

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    Re: Which first: Picked or Fretless bass?

    If I do the picked bass first it will be quite huge - 3 programs with all my usual articulations (gracenotes, slides, legato, mutes, etc.)

    1)ALL notes normal: 4 vel. down strokes + 4 vel. upstrokes
    2)ALL notes halfmuted: -\"-
    3)ALL notes full muted: -\"-

    I want to be able to switch between all 3 programs during a bass line...

    I have already sampled some of the fretless - it sounds very nice. However this is also a huge library since I sample normal sustained + fast vibrato and slow vibrato on ALL notes - including articulations.


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    Re: Which first: Picked or Fretless bass?

    I am siding with midphase here Now, I don\'t do a lot of bass programming really, at least not yet, but I own Scarbee\'s first two basses, and would love to get a fretless for that dreamy \'Big Blue\' sound

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