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Topic: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

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    Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

    I have a preview copy of the library and it is awesome. I\'ve just begun working with it and the samples are very playable and the programming is great. The whole close mic vs. amb is solved with the close and ambient perspective samples for each instrument. I love them both, but am drawn towards the ambient versions. They still have bite, but have that beautiful warm ring out that hasn\'t been captured in previous libraries. The samples have great power and are incredibly inspiring to work with. The pp samples are very tender and poignant sounding. In the short time I\'ve worked with the libary I\'ve also been able to achieve results quickly without hours of tweaking.

    Its exciting to hear about all of the large orchestral sampling projects coming down the pike, but its very hard for me to imagine anyone nailing the brass any better than Dan Dean has.

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible


    Just got my preview copy today.

    Loaded it in. Played it and just was blown away. Literally. The Wagner-esque horns and bones were enough to have people stop outside the studio and ask \"where are those horns COMING from?\"

    The closest sample-library approximation I can make is the Roland Orch horn library -- but these are much more fff than the Amb F Horns (3a?) EVER were. The attacks are really biting, the body of the sound very round and full. I agree about the ambient samples -- they seemed to be a little easier to place in a mix.

    The programming is WAY more than you\'d ever need -- every possible articulation with every possible controller. I never thought I\'d see more programs than GOS. I was wrong.

    The trumpets were very good. Attacks are key here -- the sound is more akin to the Williams-esque writer than, say, the Shaiman or Horner. (Did that analogy make sense to anyone but me? Sorry)

    Only two hours into it -- but so far, I\'m excited.

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

    Sounds great..

    Can I ask you 2 guys couple of questions, before I order my copy.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    How does the dynamic crossfading sound like?
    Any phasing from pp to ff, is it really smooth?
    And how do the Trombones sound? Hope they have a nice body and low end...they were rather thin in DDSB...
    Oh, and the performance , is it flat or are there some \"human\" inperfections while you hold down the note?


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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

    Lucky dogs! How does one get a preview copy, btw?

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

    Originally posted by Ed Lima:
    Lucky dogs! How does one get a preview copy, btw?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hey Ed, how\'s tricks?

    If you go to Dan\'s website, you can order a set of one-offs...that\'s what they\'re referring to.

    So how are you liking Dallas now that you\'re settled in? I\'m about to head up to Boston to see Ron, Greg, and the guys.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

    I posted this in the other DDBE thread, regarding the Dyn-XF with GPC-1 attack control. Incase anyone wants to ahve some fun

    I built these patches to give a little control in the attack characteristics. If you listen to the bonehorns demo, you hear the slight \"fump\" of the attack, these are part of the patch, you control the stacc attack curve as well as a bit of the volume with GPC-1, it gives you that slight \"fump\" sound, lowering GPC 1 all the way gives a full stac over the attack, with no attack curve change, setting GPC-1 all the way up gives you a natural attack with no staccatto at all. Its a really cool patch.

    You can work with GPC-1 at about 30 and get that \"fump\" on all your attacks, or drop it to 0 and get full staccs, or make it disappear like the batman thing.

    you dont need to move it in real time, but the option is there. The real time movement you DO want to fool with is the Mod Wheel, it crossfades between 3 different dynamics in these patches (4 in the ones without the stacc layer).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

    Hey Bruce! How are you man? I still owe you a beer if memory serves...

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

    When is the \"official\" release date?

    I have to concur that they sound pretty awesome.

    Is the only way to buy them through Dan Dean\'s site, or are other distributors going to carry them as well?

    Also, is Dan going to sell the individual instruments (like for his woodwind and solo brass libraries)?

    What about an Akai version....if that coming?

    In case you are all wondering, I am hoping that Dan is reading this thread and can answer those questions!

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible


    I am in monitor mode.

    I don\'t have a solid release date as yet, since the replication and printing and all of those elements are being sent in and worked out. We\'re just doing a last tweak and then all of the elements will be in. It will take 10 days or so after everything is in place and then shipping and contingency time. I\'m still a little way off from having final product in hand.

    The only distributor is DDP.

    We have the AKAI version (8 disks) complete and all I have to do is check it and finalize the booklet. It will be priced less than the Giga.

    Thanks for the interest,

    PS: Oh, about the single disk approach to DDBE...I have decided to abandon the single disk idea after trying it and evaluating it. It is a really good idea. It is also kind of difficult from my perspective, in that most of the single orders come in from Tanzania or one of the Baltic states or Antarctica. This means I need to ship it via mail and so on, which is a real time hassle for a single disk. Then there\'s customs forms, other forms, etc. So, that is the reason I\'m not going to offer this with any of the new DDP products.

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass Ensembles are Incredible

    We have the AKAI version (8 disks) complete and all I have to do is check it and finalize the booklet. It will be priced less than the Giga.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Dan, I applaud you for releasing an Akai version as well. May I ask how the Akai will compare to the Giga version? Please be as specific as possible since this will heavily influence my decision of which version to buy.

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