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Topic: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    Hi all,

    I think that it\'s unfair to keep the discussion about copy protection in a thread about Nick\'s specific library, so I\'m picking up on a suggestion and starting a new one here.

    I\'d like to state a few things that I think are important considerations.


    TASCAM has a professional vendor relationship with GigaStudio users. We pay for the software, they supply it and support it.

    I believe any inclusion of copy protection for sampleware WITHIN the GigaStudio application operates against the best interest of GigaStudio users, effectively eliminating their choice to use other tools which may be appropriate for certain tasks. Bad Karma.

    I urge anyone who agrees with me on this issue to write to the product manager for GigaStudio, Mike McRoberts at this address:


    Make it known that you do not appreciate YOUR vendor taking actions which are not in YOUR best interest...with YOUR MONEY!! Make it known that sampleware producers are also OUR vendors, not theirs, and the rules of engagement on copy protection should be set as a relationship between end users and vendors...not as a cooperative effort between two different sets of OUR vendors trying to set the rules in OUR marketplace.

    I\'d also suggest making the point that any sampleware vendor is perfectly free to develop whatever protection methodology he chooses, today, right now, without TASCAM\'s involvement.

    And finally, as the title of this topic suggests, I believe TASCAM should come here and publicly present this and allow user input on the subject.

    I cannot tell you how this burns me up on a deeply personal level. I have put hours and hours of my effort freely into promoting this technology. I have written articles for major publications, in an effort to build a client base and generate sales. I take it as a slap in the face that Tascam should implement any built-in protection scheme for third-party products within GigaStudio. It is a violation of the trust I have put into the company, and I am bitterly disappointed that this harebrained idea has made it this far.

    It is my hope that you all will join me in opposing this loudly, strongly, and publicly. It is also my hope that Tascam will stop withholding information about these plans and respect the wishes of its user base.

    We are the client here. No one must forget this. The customer is always right.

    Please feel free to bring any points forward and use this thread to discuss copy protection without needlessly attaching it to any single developer\'s product. While I strongly urge developers to forego this idea, I am more upset that Tascam would so much as consider this level of intrusive and draconian protection...customer service is not at the heart of such a decision.

    The issue here is violation of trust. Let\'s hear some other viewpoints, and hopefully some straight answers from Tascam.


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    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    Bruce, i thought I understood what was going on...but part of this new thread threw me.

    Before I write anyone

    Can you give me an example of this protection scheme you\'re against? Give me a hypothetical that would illustrate how this copyright protection would not be in our favor (the end use)?

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Sep 1999
    Dallas, Texas

    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    Hi Marty,

    Well, one very clear implication of protecting sample libraries is the fact that TASCAM is operating strictly in its OWN interest here.

    I\'m surprised any sample developer would consider buying into this scheme. Allowing the APPLICATION to decode the protection scheme necessarily means you need the application to use the samples. Right now, you can purchase a Giga-format library and use it in any number of soft-samplers...EXS 24, Kontakt, Halion.

    But the methodology we\'re talking about here, where GigaStudio itself is the \"protecting\" system, means that if you buy a protected library, you\'ll only be able to run that library on GigaStudio.

    This is not about protecting developers. It\'s not about protecting users. It\'s about limiting choice. It\'s about exclusion instead of inclusion. \"Protection\" is only the hamburger meat wrapped around the pill, so the dog will swallow it.

    It burns me up. Tascam has no business pulling this stunt. This is why we use SOFTWARE. The word itself implies choice. It\'s not hardware. Tascam is trying to impose a protectionist hardware model upon a product, samples, which has ALWAYS been a freely importable/exportable product between different systems. They are attempting to limit a user\'s options.

    Case in point: I mentioned this in another thread...some Giga libraries really don\'t require the streaming capabilities of GigaStudio, and I find that I can run those libraries in Kontakt plugged into my sequencer while running Giga on the separate machines for what it does best. But if this protection were applied to new libraries I purchased, I would not be able to just freely load them into any sampler I wish. I\'d have to load them only into GigaStudio, because only GigaStudio would have the ability to \"decode\" them.

    Frankly, I don\'t see why any developer would get within ten feet of this technology. It\'s so transparently sleazy. It makes me feel disillusioned to just think that it\'s really come to this.

    We\'re all supposed to be musicians here, knocking down boundaries. Well, Tascam seems interested only in throwing them up.

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    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    Hi Bruce,
    For what it\'s worth, you may want to look into one of those web petition things where people enter their email address or something like that, to agree on a position. Sorry, I don\'t know the website with this ability, perhaps someone else will chime in. I\'ll be one of the first to sign on if you set it up. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    Since I\'ve gotten into the midst of this discussion, I wanted to take this opportunity to point out that I am no longer on the Giga development team and that I do \"not\" speak for the Tascam\\NemeSys folks and have not for several years. Due to my long past history with them, some people may have gotten the wrong idea. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

    Anyway, at this point, I am a full time free lance instrument designer and composer and the creator of the GigaStudio Mastery tutorial CDs. (privately produced by me for the record, not a Tascam project but they are doing an excellent job of selling it! Thanks Tascam!)

    These days, I\'m no longer privy to all of the official info any more than the rest of us but of course I am well aware of rumors and other forum threads that have addressed these issues and have deciphered some possibilities of what we may see in the future of Giga. To be on the safe side, I will keep my theories to myself from here on out. In fact, due to the large number of people that I work with and consult and my regular posts on this forum, they are especially carfull to not share too much with me too early on.
    Anyway, when 3.0 does come out, I look forward to working on a Mastery tutorial update for it. (and releasing it much quicker than the first tutorial)

    As to this issue (my personal opinion remember, not speaking for anyone else) I personally don\'t agree with considering copy protection in such a sinister light. I look at it the same way that I do the shoplifting scanners at the stores and the club on the car steering wheel. Sure, those things can be circumvented by criminals (and a bit annoying) but I think it does tend to slow down the average person who might just be tempted. Need I also point out that in the real world (as opposed to the software world) people do real jail time when they are caught with a certain amount of stolen goods.(much less value than many libraries) Software products (and of course sound libraries) are simply not treated the same way but the resources that go into them still add up to real money, just like physical goods that people go to jail for stealing.
    We\'ll see how it goes anyway.
    All I can say is that the free market will play it\'s part because nobody is required to use any kind of copy protection in any of thier products, whatever options may surface now or in the future. Also for God sakes, keep in mind that the Tascam and NemeSys people are very sincere and decent people in my experience. I would trust them with my life without hesitation.
    Have fun

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    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection


    I totally agree with you and your point of view. This copy protection would directly affect me since I don\'t use Gigastudio but rather port GS titles into Unity (with a good degree of success if I might add).

    I know others purchase GS titles to use them with HALion or EXS24.

    The copy protection is indeed an effort of Tascam to keep end users from being able to chose which platform to run those titles on.

    The best way to handle this would be to appeal to the developer\'s good sense to stop the insanity before it\'s too late.

    Tascam doesn\'t really give a rat\'s about protecting developers as much as it wants to stop the slow but steady migration of GS users towards other platforms. They know that a chunk of their market is being eroded by the likes of Steinberg, Apple, NI and Bitheadz, and just like any good ol\' corporation, they want to stop that real quick.

    I say let\'s look at this for what it really is, a better way to restrict choices and strenghten Tascam\'s monopoly.

    I can only hope it doesn\'t catch on with the developers.....and if you \"regular GS\" users don\'t think you\'ll be affected by this, think again. The copy protection will seep into your set ups, restricting your ability to use libraries on multiple machines, not allowing you to use other sample editors, and overall being a general pain in the .

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    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    If Akai had implemented a similar \"closed-system\" approach when they realized that their company name had come to mean \"sample standard\", many new GS users would be stuck with Akai sample libraries they couldn\'t load into their new GS systems. I think that demonstrates how much Nemesys wanted to woo new users.. and if everything being said is true, this new copy protection scheme flies in the face of that spirit of ease of use and accomodation.

    You can\'t have it both ways, Tascam.. you can\'t load a competing file standard while locking others out of yours.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    Originally posted by Ed Lima:
    You can\'t have it both ways, Tascam.. you can\'t load a competing file standard while locking others out of yours.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Exactly. People need to see this for what it is. Why would Tascam \"volunteer\" to design a copy protection system for sample developers, when it flies in the best interest of the majoity of their paying customers? It\'s all about restricting choice.

    Dave, I think Jim, Joe, and the original Nemesys gang are great, too. Unfortunately, now they\'re owned by a multinational hardware company that has yet to prove any serious commitment to anything except gaining market share.

    I cannot look at the evidence mounting about this copy protection scheme and interpret it as anything but Tascam\'s attempt to limit the use of \"giga\" libraries on other platforms. The protection aspect for developers is just a carrot. What it\'s really about is establishing Giga as a \"boutique\" product on the backs of the sample developers...using the exclusivity of titles as a competitive stick.

    What other business sense does it make for Tascam? They\'ve got absolutely nothing to gain by protecting third-party developers, except the convenient side effect of platform exclusivity.

    Please. Someone from Tascam get involved here and tell me I\'m wrong. I would love to hear that. But I don\'t think there\'s any way they can wiggle around this issue. Protecting libraries within GigaStudio itself, if it\'s going to be effective, would have to mean that the same libraries would be useless in any other program. And that stinks to hell.

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    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    Well, for me, the next thing i need to see is some evidence that this protection scheme is actually going to be implemented. I would need from the horses mouth (i.e. Tascam) that this will happen. So far I haven\'t seen any Tascam rep here to say otherwise. But the lack of Tascam rep here doesn\'t mean the protection scheme is going to happen.

    So, who can point me to the evidence that clearly states a Tascam rep saying \"Future release of 3.0 will have such and such protection scheme.\" Show me that and I\'d be more convinced.

    I do, however, agree that if such a copy-protection scheme existed for Giga it would be limiting. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: TASCAM--come talk to us about copy protection

    Hi Bruce,

    Maybe you should post the topic on the TASCAM forum?


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