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Topic: QL Package Deal

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    QL Package Deal

    Anyone hear any rumors about Sounds On Line offering the QL VOTA and Brass Combo again? Last time it was around 500 I believe. Thanks


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    Re: QL Package Deal


    If true - that\'s rockin\'. I can\'t speak for the Brass but VoTA has been a mainstay for me. I imagine if you had the new DDBE and QL Brass you could get into alot of trouble. Blending and mixing these libraries really has seemed to help with their realism.


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    Re: QL Package Deal

    LE PACKAGE TOTALE\' [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Sorry, I couldn\'t resist!

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    Re: QL Package Deal

    Le Stomache Churner

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