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Topic: Are you happy with your sampler?

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    Are you happy with your sampler?

    Can people share their experiences as to what sampler they are using and if they are happy. Do you find your sampler reliable, convinient and is there any changes as to what you would like to see. There are many issues with NI, the inconvinience of GSIF, not enough sample libraries for Halion. I would like to hear your opinions on this issue.

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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    I used NI for the last six months and recently cross-graded to GS.

    I like some things on both, never really had a prob with either. My only complaint about GS is that I can\'t use it\'s audio in Cubase without rendering and re-syncing, but that should be taken care of in April. Also, both set-up very quickly and easily for me. (I was fearing GS because of all the bashing I\'ve heard here, but it has been surprisingly reliable for me.)

    NI was great as a plug-in, but I wasn\'t a fan of the interface, or the native libs, GS has MANY more native libs, and they ended up being the libs I wanted.

    I would actually like to see some standard agreed upon by the three major sampling players (Tascam, Steinberg and NI) so we can see implamentation of General MIDI 2. MIDI is a very old technology (relatively speaking) and by setting a new standard (where things such as Gary\'s Maestro Tools and VSL\'s Legato Tools could be used with all samplers) I believe we could push some of these new fantastic libraries further.

    Everyone complains about reality and flexibility with their libs, the only way I think we can start working on these issues is when we stop worrying about compatibility issues.

    First we would need a hardware company to adopt the new standard into their hardware controllers however... so, M-Audio, how about it... General MIDI 2?

    BTW, to answer your question: yes.

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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    I own GS and the Kontakt player that comes with GPO. Both run fine.

    The thing I like best about Kontakt (GPO player) over GS is the filtering that Gary/Tom were able to program into the mod wheel. The filtering in GS 2.5 is quite limited by comparison. The thing I like least is that it\'s channel based, rather than program number based. That means I can\'t have a violin on a single staff (channel) and have it change from arco to pizz and back. I also much prefer the GS user interface and its DFD performance. (The GPO player doesn\'t really support DFD.)

    Apparently GS3 won\'t offer much improved filtering at the Gig level, but it has a real parametric EQ in the mixer, and the parameters can be controlled by the MIDI controllers. I\'m hoping that by combining MidiRules and the parametric EQ that I can get some very nice expression programming. Volume-only expression sounds really fake to me.

    If I can get GS3 to do some nice filtered expression, then it beats Kontakt\'s only competitive advantage (for me).

    I\'m just hoping that GS will offer a simple form of CP so that developers like Nick, Gary and Michiel will create future libraries for the Giga platform. Developer support may very well be the #1 reason for getting one sampler over another.

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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    Cara , sampler depende muito do gosto de cada um. Eu particularmente prefiro muito mais o NI interface doque o Gigastudio - é mais facil controlar os envelopes. O unico conselho que eu posso dar é , nunca rode os dois no mesmo computador , só da problema!!!
    You understand portuguese [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] !!!

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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    sim entendo,
    eu acho que ainda tem muitas problemas para ser resolvido. I also speak the language of love (para gostosas) and music!

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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    I agree with you 100% as I to believe that there must be a standard.

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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    I figured this would be a good time to post my initial view of GS...I just purchased GS160 and VSL Pro Orchestral Cube and have only been using it for the past couple of days.

    I was also fearing problems with GS, like the BSOD, but it installed perfectly...I was actually surprised that the newest release came in the box! Within minutes I was loading samples and playing with great ease. I then decided to take a chance and see if I could run both cubase and giga together on one PC...again, things couldn\'t have been easier. And VSL loads perfectly too.

    I\'ve used Kontakt for quite some time and enjoyed it. I have tried Halion on several occasions with different revisions(and each time with not very positive results) but compared to GS these just do not feel as fine tuned, primarily in the user interface. Kontakt get\'s things done and has some nice extra features that GS doesn\'t offer but the user interface is very small and a bit counter productive.

    I have a dual monitor setup on my single PC...Cubase on 1 and Giga on 2 and things are great...I can\'t wait for GS3! I think you couldn\'t go wrong either way...although, if you intend on creating large orchestral pieces I think GS will continue to be the weapon of choice for most pro composers, well...I suppose it depends on what library you go with...but let\'s not go there.

    Good luck with your choice.

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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    I think they\'re all pretty good. I was using Giga almost exclusively but have started using kontakt a lot more. I actually like kontakt a bit better except the interface is so small I often select the wrong option because I can\'t read it (and I\'m still fairly young).

    I\'m excited to see GS3 but I\'m not holding my breath. I don\'t have much patience for Tascam right now and unless things are drastically worth sticking with GS, I won\'t continue buying a bunch of Giga libraries. Plus I really want stuff that runs on my mac which is anothert hing I don\'t aprpeciate about Giga.

    The most stable and easy to use sampler on the Market is EXS 24. It\'s not got as much flexibility as some of the others - but it\'s solid as a rock and stupid simple to use. I do almost all my drums and percussion stuff in EXS as well as any library that is only shipping in Akai. I convert them to EXS and use that. The conversion is a piece of cake. Frankly the giga-EXS conversion works great too and some libraries (like LOP) I\'ve converted to EXS because it\'s quicker to work with then Giga in my opinion.

    That\'s my 2¢.


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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    Originally posted by J. Whaley:
    I often select the wrong option because I can\'t read it (and I\'m still fairly young).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yea, cos eyesight improves with age. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]


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    Re: Are you happy with your sampler?

    Maybe the Germans have created a better way to look at computer screen and haven\'t shared it yet!

    Actually, I don\'t know anyone who hasn\'t complained about this GUI on Kontakt. Does anyone know if they\'re doing anything about this?


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