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Topic: Any improvements?

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    Re: Any improvements?

    Sounds excellent---makes me want to see the movie! It\'s a very smooth melding of contemporary rhythm tracks and orchestra, and the big sound of QLSO suits it well. Really nice shaker--is that from Stylus?

    One suggestion and one note: you\'ve got some mondo low brass at 1:07 that are lower in the mix than the strings. I say bring \'em up--loud! And at 2:10 there\'s a descending line in the horns and strings that plays a B, which is Dorian in an otherwise very Aeolian piece. Musically it sounds cool, but I did find it to be kind of a mood changer. Probably by design.

    (sorry for getting over-analytical---I\'m procrastinating working on a dull commercial project)

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    Re: Any improvements?

    Nice. An interesting mix of sounds. It\'s too bad we can\'t see the visuals along the the music. Definitely nothing glaring. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Any improvements?

    I think the drums/percussion is too up front and too dry. Since its fairly \"minimal\" it makes for a very stark contrast between the orch elements and the percussion. IMO it kind of makes me focus on the difference, sort of subtly making me feel like its emprty or jsut \"not finished\"

    Possible things I hear are adding more electronic percussion and bringing them outside of the center of the mix, maybe filtering them significantly and adding verb to jsut make them add \"color\"


    Maybe just bringing them back a tad, adding verb, and then compressing the mix might bring back the punch a little.

    Listen to some more of the Media Ventures stuff. To get an idea of ho much they add, nd add and add, but are stil able keep you focused on orchestral elements.

    or maybe some electronic Basses filtered making for rhytmic elecments

    Yes I\'m a picky bitch... Doesn\'t mean my opinion is worth nothing [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Any improvements?

    good suggestions King.. I\'ll try that.. my first thought was to have the percussion a little dry because the orchestral parts were wet.. maybe adding a little would help...

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    Re: Any improvements?

    I think some of the sustained strings are a bit too close sounding and the whole thing could use slight compression. Maybe put a reverberated snare sound in the mix with every other snare hit. One of my favorite things about pieces that use tech stuff and orchestra is the depth of field you get from dryish tech stuff and staged orchestra. I don\'t hear quite enough of that here.

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    Re: Any improvements?

    BTW, Eric,

    you dont have to add reverb to all of the percussion. Things like the \"live\" snare could benefit from being dry on every two and wet on every 4 (or the oposite), adding to the width and range, but not making it \"jsut reverb\"

    HAHAHA, Nick stop reading my mind jerky!

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    Re: Any improvements?

    Nick -

    On \'depth of field\' - do you mean difference between wet and dry?

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    Any improvements?

    Hey guys,

    I am finishing up a piece for a film here in Austin. I was just curious if you thought there were any glaring problems/improvements that might be needed?

    The Theft

    Libraries are qlso plat, stylus, atmosphere, trilogy, dfh.



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