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Topic: Brass libraries?

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    Brass libraries?

    What is an exceptional brass library that is a good value for the money?

    Bigga Gigga Orchestral Brass?

    SAM Horns/Brass?

    Ilio\'s \"Virtuoso Series Brass\"?

    Dan Dean?

    Any other libraries I\'m omitting?

    Bigga appears to be the lowest-priced offering. But how does it compare to the other, more high-priced libraries?

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    Re: Brass libraries?

    I own the SAM Trombones and SAM Horns, and I have to say they\'re pretty much the best brass samples I\'ve ever come across. I don\'t have the trumpets (aside from the demo patch), but I\'ve heard they meet the quality of their other two libs.

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    Re: Brass libraries?

    Originally posted by CadeBryant:
    What is an exceptional brass library that is a good value for the money?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You have just sumed up Project SAM\'s brass libs. I own SAM Horns/Bones/Trumpets and they are great libraries! And for the record I rarely use the brass on VSL Opus 1 because in my opinion it\'s not as good as the SAM stuff. I only use Opus 1 brass for the patches/instruments that aren\'t on SAM.

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    Re: Brass libraries?

    SAM...without doubt in my mind...


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    Re: Brass libraries?

    I\'d say that Bigga is good if you\'re doing baroque church music. It has a very restrained, European sound. The attacks are quite slow and the sound is fairly dark. Some of the playing and tuning is on the weak side, especially for the tuba, but it\'s generally usable. And the price is quite low for a full section.

    At the other end of the spectrum is Quantum Leap Brass. It\'s the best for pop, jazz and big band, has a great sound and fantastic perfromances by the players. Very bright with fast attacks. It has specialty articulations like falls, doits and shakes. It has only one or two velocity layers for most sounds, so you can risk overusing the same sample or articulation. You also get saxes with this. Add drums, bass, piano, guatar and vibes and your big band lineup is complete.

    I\'ll let others comment on the remaining Hollywood/orchestral libs. And don\'t forget about GPO/Silver/Gold/Opus when you want value. You get a full brass section with each with the rest of the orchestra thrown in for free. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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