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Topic: Spectrasonics Stylus, Atmosphere, Trilogy upgrade question

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    Spectrasonics Stylus, Atmosphere, Trilogy upgrade question

    Hi.. i\'m planning on getting all three products. I would actualy buy them all right now, if it wasent for a little thing thats been nagging me.

    I see that if I get Stylus now, i can upgrade to Stylus RMX for free. Great. Question is if something similar will be done for Trilogy and Atmosphere, in which case ill just wait with getting them. Becuase quite frankly I dont want to buy it now, just to pay an upgrade price I could have avoided if I just waited.


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    Re: Spectrasonics Stylus, Atmosphere, Trilogy upgrade question

    Dear Mr Patriarch,

    - you want to buy three wonderful software instruments
    - of course you will have to pay in case of eventual new versions of such instruments (if the new features are substantial, I\'d like to add!)
    - when you pay for the upgrade of a software you had for some time you actually improve its value and actually you have used its license for quite some time
    - Eric is such a good guy to let you get Stylus RMX for free if you have bought Stylus after January 1st 2004 (I might be wrong, but this is what I recall...)
    - There is no way Eric or anybody else involved with him will tell you if they have plans for a near paid-for upgrade fot any of the other 2 instruments, and I remind you that Stylus RMX will ship in September!
    - So, if you are willing to take the Spectra train I strongly suggest you to run to your favourite store and get hold of those soft instruments now: you\'ll be able to use them for quite some time before even paying more money for a well worth upgrade and above all you will get Stylus RMX for free in 6 months from now and I bet you could have made tens of hit songs with Stylus before then!

    My point is: every day you wait before buying them you will have less time to use them and maybe new versions or new products will come out surpassing them or whatever... if you need them buy them, otherwise don\'t, since I think that when a Trilogy XTRA (or whatever) comes out you might think: what if Eric comes out with something better in, say, 12 momnths... I will have to pay for the upgrade... so I\'ll wait...

    Am I clear enough with my \'italian\' way of expressing myself?

    Kindly yours,

    Simone Coen

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