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Topic: Creating library - question

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    Creating library - question

    Let\'s say.. if I have orch. players, and big concert hall available for recording, so what\'s the simpliest method for recording instruments? I mean which medium record to and how? I think the most money-spare is to bring a normal PC computer to the concert hall, connect some quality mic to standard PCI sound card and start to record normally to wav files on harddisc. Or am I wrong? I think any of standard soundcards plays and record 44kHz, 16 bit PCM audio correctly, so if I connect some quality microphone to, let\'s say, Sound Blaster Live, it shouldn\'t be problem, should it?

    Or how is this usually passed? How people usually record orchestral instruments? (of course cheap cheap, I haven\'t $$ for some special expensive portable recording machines).

    Simplified - if I want to begin record instruments as cheap as possible, but not too much, for it wouldn\'t show on final quality - how to realize it, is really enough to bring a computer into hall and connect it with some quality mic? Are there some problems or traps - for example with amount of input/output signal or so or any others?

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    Re: Creating library - question

    Dis, you need a mixer with preamps and and a stereo-pair of quality condensor mics. (A couple of røde nt3\'s are cheap and should to the job well enough) If your mixer doesn\'t have preamps you need to get a stereo preamp or two mono preamps of the same brand.

    Route the output signal from the mixer to the input of your SBlive and hit record in soundforge or whatever sound editor/recorder you have.

    Make sure you\'re not clipping by having the players play the loudest possible note and adjust the level input so that you\'re not getting clipping. Give it a few db\'s worth of headroom.

    This will give you a decent and noisy recording.
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    Re: Creating library - question

    Thanks, Thomas. And what is the optimal distance between both mics when recording?

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