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Topic: Making samples sound better?How do you do it?

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    Making samples sound better?How do you do it?

    I was wondering how some of you master/ mix your songs, reverb, or whatever you do to make your songs sound better. Because I noticed that a lot of my compositions sounded like they lacked the proper mixing, or reverb, or mastering. I just wanted to know some of your techniques, and the plugins you use and recommend for orchestral pieces. ex- What reverb, and mastering plugins, and do you mix down all the tracks first? How interestingly do you use the EQ?

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    Re: Making samples sound better?How do you do it?

    EQ seems to help a lot, you have to play around for your personal tastes, I find a lot of the libs I am using lack a little of the bite around 5kHz. I usually boost there, especially for brass.

    Reverb = convolution = SIR and some great impulses. GOS comes with some good ones, as does DIVA, and there are plenty floating around online. Also, check out Prestine Space, that one is not free, SIR is, but the Prestine can do surround sound, SIR is stereo only.

    Compression can help if you are doing more squashed *hollywood* sounding tracks. If you are doing more dramatic, sombre, expressive pieces, compression will hurt, so it depends on the situation there. If you will be doing alot of compression, try getting an external tube compressor, this will give you a very lush warm sounding signal as opposed to the colder signal from digital compressors...

    Hope this helps,

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