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Topic: Question for advanced DP 3.0 users.

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    Question for advanced DP 3.0 users.

    Hi all,

    I am currently in the mists of setting up a new \"project oriented\" post suite. I have always been a ProTools user (Mix24 @ work) but I cannot afford to go TDM in this project room and I feel the 001 or 002 is NOT best suited for post production (lack of SMPTE and Surround Sound)...

    With that said, I find Digital Performer to be a great choice (Full SMPTE support, Dolby Digital 5.1 , etc.)

    I have a few question concerning 5.1 and DP\'s BOUNCE TO DISC.

    Instead of mixing the (6) 5.1 tracks out to an ADAT or DA88...I have read that DP will
    bounce the entire session into the respective 6 tracks of a 5.1 mix. (L R C LFE SL & SR)

    I have read that this bounce creates Sound Designer II files (6) (L. R. C. LFE SL & SR) however, I plan to use SurCode\'s CD-DTS encoding software. This software looks to import the (6) 5.1 files and encode the DTS information and the save as an encoded stereo WAV file (Burn DTS to audio CD\'s for a 5.1 preview mix)

    Since SurCode imports WAV or AIFF, can DP 3.0 bounce the 5.1 files as WAV or AIFF?

    My plan is to burn the 6 files to CD from the Mac and then import them into SurCode running in Windows...encode then burn.

    Whew!! Thanks everyone [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question for advanced DP 3.0 users.


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    Re: Question for advanced DP 3.0 users.

    I don\'t think you should have a problem here.
    DP will create SDII files on a bounce to disk. The bounce to disk window has an option to add the newly created files to the soundbites window (DP\'s pool of audio within a project.) From there you can export the audio as a .WAV or .AIF

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