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Topic: Halion Version of KHSS

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    Halion Version of KHSS

    A Halion version (translated from the native Giga version, but containing the fxp and fxb files) is now available. For those of you already owning a giga version, but want to run it in Halion, see the instructions at www.kirkhunterstudios.com/solostrings.html. The fxp files are posted for all of you who already have the library but want the fxp files for Halion. Pink Canary did the wonderful job of translating, so my hat\'s off to him!

    Please note that you must already have the Giga version to use these dowloadable files.

    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: Halion Version of KHSS

    Downloaded and already installed. Great work and thanks for investing the time in a Halion version.


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