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Topic: To loop, or not to loop?

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    To loop, or not to loop?

    Hello! I am sampling an oscilating sound chip, and have a question. The sound doesn\'t have any ADSR characteristics, and can last however long it needs to. Here\'s the trick though: There is a lot of random modulation, so finding a good loop point it VERY hard. I sampled 4 octaves of sounds, and a quarter of them had \"clicks\" at the loop point, even though on a graphic layout, the loop was seamless. So, how long would you make the sample, and would you loop it? I am trying to think of the end-user, and not just my personal opinion. Thanks!

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    Re: To loop, or not to loop?

    If you like the modulation, I\'d make sure you sample the sound long enough so that when you loop it, it sounds natural. If you aren\'t sampling chromatically, I\'d make sure that the modulation still works when the sample is sped up as far as you intend.

    If the modulation variation is critical to how interesting the sound is, I\'d just sample for as long as you think the longest note anyone will need is.

    There are a few audio editing tools which can make your life easier when it comes to looping. Wavelab is good (it has a handy crossfade looping tool for those impossible to loop sounds), and I\'ve heard good things about Zero X\'s Seamless Looper.

    You can also try alternating the loop to make it easier. Say you have a sound, \"abcdefg\". Just sample as much as you want, then copy the sample, reverse the copy, and paste the result onto the end of the original.
    That way you have a single sample which goes abcdefg/gfedcba. The edit where \'g\' meets \'g\' shouldn\'t click because the waveforms should be mirror image at that point. Then you can easily loop the whole file so that it goes:
    (abcdefg/gfedcba)(abcdefg/gfedcba)(abcdefg/gfedcba) etc.,

    Hope this helps

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