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Topic: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop

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    Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop


    Im into bigband composing and I have been searching for a good sample cd with trumpets and trombones for that style of music. But I havent found anything that seems to be ok. I need full range samples (for example trumpet from low G up to high F at least!) and several dynamics so one get the characteristic ff from a bigband!

    Is there anything around for this?



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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop

    I dont think you\'re going to find it in one single library. Plus there aren\'t many libs out there with too many dynamics regarding velocities.

    It also depends on your sense of sound, and what you like to hear. Some people liek the thinner, cleaner sound because thick voicings work, some people ike the smoother/warmer sound because it works in solo as well.

    I find QLB got me through a nice cue a while ago, with some MAJOR reprogramming on my part in Kontakt.

    thers a thread discussing it, and lets you hear the differences in what I did.


    Never did finish teh whole lib, should probably get back to it at some point.

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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop

    QLB is a great place to start. It\'s got great performances and crisp attacks. For me it has the right sound for big band. It only has two dynamic layers, but it\'s pretty aggressive, so by using expression control, and possibly some filters, you can get close to what you need. It also has some articulations that you just can\'t program realistically in MIDI: shakes, doits, falls...

    For all out blare you might want to layer with SAM or some other aggressive orchestral lib. If EWQLSO Silver has strong brass, it could be another layering possibility.

    Gary Garritan is apparently doing a GPO Jazz set at some time in the future. It will likely lean towards interesting programming rather than a collection of articulations. I\'m a bit skeptical of being able to do great big band effects with MIDI programming alone, but maybe he\'ll surprise us. The advantage would be that you can write whatever you want and get an 80% solution. With articulations you can get a 95% solution, but you don\'t have full artistic freedom.

    It will be interesting to see if VSL goes the big band route in the future. They\'ve already got two saxes. The legato tool would be great for fast runs and may reduce the need for articulations in some cases.

    Anyway, I\'d recommend getting QLB as your foundation. See what\'s missing for you and add on from there. And keep your eyes and ears open for what\'s next. Gary and others may have some good treats in store for us.

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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop


    I would assume you Adore C_Parker. As to your inquiry, there is basically nothing out there that adds up to a big band score (samples)due to the fact there is no Sax Ensemble Sample and the articulations among the reads and horns are basically keyed which leads to limit the coversing among voices which is mandatory for me as a Big Band Arranger.
    As for now I\'ve settled for the Yamaha work Station Synthy voices and a few real samples.
    When sound developers can acheive a fast response (attack not a stacatto)from their reed & brass samples where a be-bop tempo can easily be articulated, we can then increase the ante.
    Ballads are not really a problem at this point in time, it\'s the legato articulation which is desirable. VSL has acheived this with their performance tools.

    If you have the time, please visit my website below.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop

    You could check AMG\'s kick-*** brass lib..
    I\'ve heard the demos on their website..sounds like a viable alternative for that style.
    Although , I think its native only on the EXS-24 but I might be wrong.
    There was a thread on that library not too long ago on this forum...don\'t know if it was favorable or not...any clues???


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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop


    Thanks for all replies! I forgot to mention...im just using notation programs like finale (and sampler of course)so I would need trumpets and bones that are very easy to use. I have found an old Roland Library of saxes that actually work fine for me. I have tested the QLB once but I didnt find anything there. I understand that if i would work with lets say cubase, it wouldnt be hard to use this this kind of samples, but since Im using finale and actually writes scores the sounds have to be \"playable\" from finale. It works very good with classical stuff.
    However, muted brass seems easier to find... for example, there is a wonderful harmon mute trumpet in the chronic horns library! Does anyone know an open trumpet like that one I would be glad [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Well, perhaps you guys now know what I\'m looking for!


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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop

    Hey again!

    Yves, I listened to that kicks...brass on AMG homesite! Yeah, that\'s sounds like it! Maybe I have to buy that one!

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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop

    keep in mind that they are going to present a standalone version soon...

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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop

    Originally posted by oldh:
    keep in mind that they are going to present a standalone version soon...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">What do you mean by that?

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    Re: Brass Sample-Cd for jazz/pop

    well. They announced a virtual instrument version...

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