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Topic: New samples for GigaPiano? (Wishful thinking.)

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    New samples for GigaPiano? (Wishful thinking.)

    I must admit I love the upper and lower end of GigaPiano. The octave about middle C suffers greatly because it was not chromatically sampled. Samples are stretched across four and five notes, causing the same clammy sound that old keyboards suffered from when memory was low.

    I wish Nemysis would correct this problem. A few days work would deliver a lovely piano. Does anyone else have or sell a good set of Yamaha samples that can be combined with the existing Gigapiano? (I say the problem is in the entire octave, but it really seems as if only four or five notes around C5 are bad.)

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    Re: New samples for GigaPiano? (Wishful thinking.)

    With so many excellent piano libraries out there, I really don\'t think anyone cares about Gigapiano!

    Your best bet would be to look into purchasing one of the other titles.

    I don\'t mean to sound cynical, but it\'s probably too much trouble for Tascam to even worry about.

    I wouldn\'t be surprised if GS 3.0 comes with a completely different Piano or perhaps something else (strings?)

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    Re: New samples for GigaPiano? (Wishful thinking.)

    Yes, but Gigapiano is so close to being excellent that I can\'t help wanting it to be excellent.

    And I imagine that whoever originally sampled this piano did sample more of the notes than are on the CD, then made the decision to reduce their number, since when GigaPiano was first released, large, fast hard disks and extensive RAM were not often found, and stretching samples was the standard practice. In some basement there sits a ZIP drive with all the notes sampled. Who is hiding these samples? Come forward, please, the person who guards these notes. Please. Let registered users download them.

    Or sample the missing notes and let us pay a small fee to download the samples. Future versions could include these samples: Gigapiano 2.0. Pretty please?

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