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Topic: FREE Granular Bottles from Bolder posted.

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    FREE Granular Bottles from Bolder posted.

    Hello All,
    I\'ve just posted another complimentary Giga sound-set entitled \"Granualr Bottles\".

    Just go to the Bolder site (listed below) and follow the FREE STUFF link on the right side of the page.

    Also posted are versions for NI Kontakt as well as the Kurzweil Kxxxx series.

    These samples make for some wonderful breathy pad sounds I believe.

    Also........ let me know if you have any trouble with the files. Normally before I post this note I test download the file. I couldn\'t do that this time around because somehow my Giga drivers got corrupted by installing a SCSI card (go figure) and I need to reinstall Giga... haven\'t had a chance to do that yet.

    Comments and questions are welcome!

    Dennis @ Bolder

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    Re: FREE Granular Bottles from Bolder posted.

    Dennis, thanks for the bottles. I us this kind of think all the time and it will be a great addition.


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