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Topic: Getting the right amplitude?

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    Getting the right amplitude?

    I\'m curious about other people\'s methods of controlling the volume of their Giga instruments when they play. Does it make a difference, in sound quality, where in the signal chain the amplitude is increased?

    For example, I\'m monitoring through a Fostex VF-16 multitrack (let\'s me avoid having two hard drives, has good analog ins, gives me real sliders, is portable, and sounds good)and I\'m about to buy powered monitors. This setup will give me the ability to control volume from three places: the mixer in Giga, the multitrack, and the monitors. Would an increase in any one of these places affect the sound in exactly the same way?

    Or will increasing the volume from the monitors only increase the sound after the da conversion? So should I therefore rely more on the volume control in the Giga mixer as the basis for creating the sound?

    Could other people, particularly developers, weigh in here with how they control volume? Does everyone use some type of digital mixer to give greater volume before the DA conversion?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Re: Getting the right amplitude?

    You generally would want to increase the volume at the first source, then at the second, etc. The closer to the original source that the volume is changed, the more integrity is kept in the actual sound.

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