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Topic: QLSO Woodwinds

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    QLSO Woodwinds

    I\'m a satisfied qlso user/hobbyist and am wondering what is lacking in your ears to the woodwind sound in this quick demo of a more legato nature. (qlso woodwind eg).The blend seems ok to me and there seems to be some grit( if I understand the term).Not looking to dis anyone or anything, just not hearing the next level yet.

    web page with qlso woodwind example .

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    Re: QLSO Woodwinds

    Download the latest version of EWQLSO (2.5). Try some of the solo woodwind crossfades. Also try some of the expressive woodwind programs. There are new legato programs for the oboe and english horn and also try the solo flute expressive vibrato or lyrical.

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    Re: QLSO Woodwinds

    Thanks Nick..will do

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